Eastern Destinations hit the spot for Motorhome Travellers

A large part of the media that surrounds the motorhome world is concentrated on UK travel and it’s definitely true that many motorhome owners do too. With all the beautiful scenery that surrounds us here in the UK, there really is no need to go any further afield. However, more and more frequently we’re starting to see exotic destinations appealing to motorhome owners who either drive considerable miles from their homes to get there or prefer to rent a motorhome when they arrive.

In particular, destinations in Eastern Europe are very popular. Ten or twenty years ago travelling to somewhere like Romania, Slovakia or Hungary wouldn’t have been a realistic option. Now the political situation has improved and the European Union allows free travel between countries, it’s very easy to get to these spectacular destinations. Not only do places like Bulgaria have beautiful summertime and dramatic winter climates, but they offer historical cities, sprawling coastlines and local culture in abundance. This is all accompanied by good prices and ever easier access, making Eastern Europe seem immensely appealing.

There is still a worry that places east of Berlin are less safe than traditional European destinations, but in general that fear is unfounded. Many Eastern European nations are now extremely well equipped to receive tourists and the overwhelming majority of locals are immensely hospitable. A good motorhome insurance policy is still an absolute necessity though as thefts still occur and can be a real problem if you’re a long way from home.

Motorhome owners have always been happy to explore and travel, and the beauty of Eastern Europe has really started appealing to the masses, rather than just to the mavericks! If you’re thinking about planning your summer holiday, why not look East – you never know what you might find!

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