Motorhome History Important for Buyers

hand holding bank notesUnfortunately, we live in an age where it’s particularly easy to get away with theft, and it’s even easier to sell on goods very quickly. A story just a few weeks ago discussed how an employee of a UK based caravan and campervan dealer was caught selling parts from his firm on eBay. The employee managed to make over £10,000 from parts alone, and it highlights the danger to motorhome customers about buying stolen parts or entire stolen vehicles.

A customer who purchases a stolen vehicle is very unlikely to be able to get motorhome insurance or, of course, be able to tax the vehicle. It’s quite probable too that they will be unable to get a refund for their purchase. Auction sites are now much better than they have been in the past at securing refunds for their customers but the process can still be very difficult. Stolen motorhome salesmen do make themselves particularly tough to trace, and it’s often simply impossible to match a name to a sale.

Motorhome buyers are able to check the history of a particular motorhome. The DVLA offers history checking services including MOTs and ownership tests. If any of these are failed customers should not consider buying the motorhome and should look elsewhere.

Unfortunately, it’s much more difficult to trace stolen parts and motorhomes can easily be fitted illegally with inauthentic parts. However, a mechanic should be able to trace the parts and will be able to see any mismatches within the service history. Though this is not proof of a stolen part, it is evidence that the motorhome has not been fitted as well as it should have been and could be an indication of further problems.

Buying second hand is really the only way in to the motorhome market for a lot of customers, and it’s important to make sure the way in is the right way: buying a stolen motorhome could cause all sorts of difficulties and, most probably, will result in a big loss on the part of the buyer.

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