Campsites Focused on Online Reviews

keyboardThe days are gone when we used to ask fellow campers or consult the route map for great places to camp, nowadays we all go straight to the search engine and after a few swift clicks we’re presented with hundreds of reviews about the areas we’re interested in. The online review system has really revolutionised the way campsites are thinking about attracting customers.

Most campsites in the UK are now listed on an external review site and many even have their own where they can allow customers to give feedback. This is a great tool for campers looking for particular facilities or after specific information that isn’t usually displayed on websites. It also allows for up to date information to take priority over old and out of date sites which can often be misleading for campers, particularly after a change of management.

Motorhome owners in particular tend to prefer to book before they camp as it can be tough to find a pitch on the off-chance, and many are restricted by their motorhome insurance policies as to where they are able to camp. This means, normally, checking out the site online before travelling and that reviews make a real difference to the level of business that campsites are drawing in.

For campsites, this means making that extra effort to ensure that service is good and what is advertised matches up with what is offered. Providing that the bad reviews are always taken with a pinch of salt, it’s an ideal way to introduce a feedback loop into the motorhome and camping industry and it should help to improve facilities and service at the top sites in the UK.

Of course, this all means a little bit of extra focus from campsite owners on quality and, in the short term, things might be tough for sites which are reviewed poorly, but in the long run it should help to ensure quality camping is here to stay at UK campsites.

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