Ford Increases Motorhome Production

ford badgeThough times are tough in the economy and smaller motorhome companies were certainly feeling the pinch towards the end of last year, it’s not all doom and gloom for motorhome manufacturers. Yesterday American motor giant Ford announced that they were intending to up production of motorhomes and commercial chassis by a massive 35% to meet demand coming in from customers. This is a quite remarkable increase and great news for the motorhome industry.

The news will be most comforting in America where the motor industry and subsidiary industries like motorhome insurance providers are dependent on manufacturers like Ford to generate the output which helps sell their goods. Across the world there are a host of industries which are reliant on good sales from motorhome manufacturers to generate demand for their own products.

Some are even suggesting that motorhome production is a great indicator of general economic performance. Many of Ford’s motorhomes are priced at well over $150,000 when they eventually hit the market and they are most certainly classified as a luxury good. Increased sales suggests that people are starting to spend a little more and that tight economic conditions may well be starting to loosen off.

It’s also showing that people are still keen to buy new motorhomes. Though the second-hand market is flourishing in these sorts of conditions, there are clearly plenty of customers for brand-new motorhomes. This spreads money to manufacturers and their employees and it allows them to keep innovating. It’s this that really drives the new motorhome market forward as it keeps motorhome technology slick and desirable.

It’s great news that Ford are starting to boost their already busy production lines and though the news is certainly best for those over the Atlantic, we could soon see the same effects taking place over here in the UK.

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