Parking Fines Spark Controversy in UK

parking ticketThe amount of money councils make from parking fines has come under controversy in recent weeks and a couple of stories detailing exactly how much fines are being paid have shed light on what is a difficult issue. This is especially pertinent for the motorhome community, many of whom find themselves on the wrong side of parking regulations from time to time.

Parking in the UK has always been a tricky issue and it’s even more so at the moment for motorhomes. Many councils are keen to stop overnight parking which leaves motorhome owners parking on the roadside and, occasionally, in breach of regulations. In major cities where permit laws are in force it’s even tricker to find a spot and many motorhome owners are reliant on public parking. For many this is a real problem when in transit and it’s the cause of a good deal of tension in the motorhome community.

It raises the question as to whether too many fines are being issued and whether parking regulations are becoming prohibitive to people trying to go about their daily lives. It’s certainly the case that parking is a real consideration for motorhome owners and many will forego visiting, and spending money in, a city if they feel they will be unable to park.

It is possible, however, to appeal parking fines in the UK and you can do so without even needing to make a claim on your motorhome insurance. The appeals process can be quite simple and is often successful. Often tickets are awarded by mistake in areas where signage is not clear or, perhaps, where the laws themselves are difficult to decipher.

Unfortunately parking in the UK is a problem that’s here to stay. We have limited space in our towns and cities and the price for the places will always be high. However, the most motorhome owners can do in the meantime is stick to the rules as best as possible and remember that if you are unfairly ticketed, there is usually a way to make your voice heard.

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