Cornish Park offers Trade in Deal

static caravansThe motorhome industry has always been full of innovators, and they are exactly what keeps motorhomes fresh and interesting for all of us. Alongside this, campsite owners in the UK have always tried to maintain their high standards whilst trying to meet market demand for new technology. Lest we forget, the motorhome itself is way outdated by camping, and plenty of campsites have had to adapt to be accommodating to motorhome campers. In keeping with the trend of new ideas, a Cornish static park, Oyster Bay in Goonhavern, have announced that it would offer motorhome owners the opportunity to trade in their old vehicles for money off a new static caravan.

This idea will be appealing to many people who have formed a relationship with the area and, in this part of Cornwall, there are plenty who have been travelling there for years. Of course, a static caravan offers a different lifestyle to a motorhome: it’s much more convenient to make homely, but of course, you are still in need of a secondary vehicle to travel with.

A static caravan does also mean you’re able to bring in a little extra money from renting it out when you’re not there. Though some parks have specific regulations as to what you can and can’t do, it’s quite common for static caravan owners to bring in a little rent on the side. There are of course insurance considerations here too: your standard motorhome insurance policy is unlikely to be adequate for a static caravan, and customers will need to rethink the way they’re covered.

It’s great to see sites getting innovative with the sorts of deals they’re offering, and it’s likely that there will be plenty of motorhome owners jumping on the bandwagon with this one. In turn, this helps to keep the flow of second-hand motorhomes going, and keeps the economy surrounding the motorhome industry buzzing.

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