Damp and Mould Pose Considerable Risk for Motorhome Owners

old motorhomeThis time of year is always tough on motorhome owners; the days are short, the roads are in poor condition and, worst of all, it’s cold outside. However, it’s not just that it’s hard to get up in the mornings that makes difficult, it’s the added risk of things like damp and mould that can make winters challenging. As temperatures stay low, motorhome owners are being warned to keep an eye on their vehicles and ensure their doing their utmost to prevent damp and mould.

Damp arises when latent moisture in the motorhome is not allowed to escape. This becomes particularly prevalent around this time of year because many motorhome owners keep their vehicles in storage. Equally, the cold air doesn’t allow moisture to evaporate and water that has accumulated over the summer, perhaps from wet washing or a leaking fridge, stays around and can cause real damage to upholstery.

Of course, when things start getting a little warmer, that’s when mould is able to kick in. Damp and warm conditions are perfect for mould to start spreading and you’ll see it in areas like showers and above sinks first. Mould can be harmful not only to your motorhome, but also poses a danger to respiratory systems and can be particularly inflammatory to asthma sufferers.

Unfortunately, damp and mould are latent conditions that can be quite difficult to track over time and, thus, it’s often tough for motorhome owners to make a reasonable motorhome insurance claims for the associated damages. The only sure fire way to ensure your motorhome will be safe from damp or mould is to keep it well aired and to avoid taking on any more moisture than absolutely necessary.

Motorhome maintenance isn’t always easy to keep on top of during this time of year but the recent snap of cold weather is a good reason for motorhome owners to check that all is running well. Damp can be a lasting and expensive problem and not one to take lightly.

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