Training, Innovation and Development Boost Motorhome Industry

Elddis MotorhomeAll industries move and shift with demand, and business in the twenty-first century is much more dynamic than it ever has been before. This is definitely true for the primary and tertiary industries that have to innovate and continually create new ways of getting their products to market. Yet it’s in the secondary sector, businesses like motorhome manufacturers, who really have to dig deep to get the new products out there.

Motorhomes are constantly borrowing ideas from other industries and one of the newest developments we’ve seen over the last six months is the Elddis SoLiD construction technique. This involves using chemical bonding processes to fix together parts of motorhomes and is a vast improvement on traditional screws and bolts which are known for leakage and failure. This process is fairly common outside of the motorhome industry and it’s great to see it being put into use in many new models.

Of course, new developments mean new questions and Elddis have launched a nationwide training programme to ensure that all the dealers and salesmen know the ins-and-outs of the technical detail. Better educated salesmen mean, of course, that it’s much more likely that customers will be paired with a product they really want.

Equally, we’ve seen developments like carbon-fibre, used frequently in sports cars and almost exclusively on racing bikes come into the motorhome industry. Motorhomes are weighty beasts and weight reduction is an important issue to consider for the future.

What all this development means is that motorhome insurance providers can be assured of the increasing safety, quality and security of the motorhomes they’re insuring. This can help not only to reduce policy costs for motorhome owners but it also helps to cut down risk for the insurer. Good technology functioning properly is far less risky than a construction method that might fail anywhere between one and five times out of ten.

It’s great to see true innovation in the motorhome industry and long may it continue because it’s good for us all!

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