Euro May be a Concern for Travellers

EurosMotorhome holidays have different connotations for different people, some like to think of them as a cost effective alternative to the supposedly budget European getaway, and for others they’re a great way of exploring the world in a homely way. Either way motorhome holidays aren’t cheap. The cost of the motorhome itself, the additional costs of motorhome insurance and, of course, the cost of living while abroad adds up, and this month further worry will be on the minds of those travelling in Europe.

Lately we’ve seen a considerable increase in the Euro compared to the Pound, meaning that Euros have become much more expensive to buy and British customers are finding themselves getting less and less for their money abroad. This trend has mostly been a result of austerity measures put in place throughout the EU, and relatively good confidence in the currency has helped to boost its value.

For many this means that traditional ferry holidays to the Continent will be more expensive. The cost of camping in places like France and Spain is already significant and the currency situation is not making things any easier for British travellers. Where the belts are really being tightened is on expenses like food and drink. Considerable rises in food prices compared with a weak pound are adding a lot to the traditional motorhome owner’s bill.

Equally, the effect of this change could encourage more travellers to think about buying motorhomes in the UK or, potentially, hiring from the UK and taking abroad. Motorhome hire itself is usually the biggest price component of a motorhome trip and, for many, hiring on the continent won’t be affordable this year.

Currency markets are always difficult to track and they move almost exclusively on speculation. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Europe this summer, make sure you keep an eye on the rates and don’t get sucked in to paying more than you think you are.

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