Camping Restrictions Become a Problem for Motorhome Travellers

Motorhome owners have always been attracted to the ideas of wild camping and self-sufficiency and this particular type of camping is very attractive to a lot of those who purchase motorhomes. The freedom to travel where you like and spend time as you please is really something that only a motorhome or campervan enables you to do and it’s quite probably one of the top reasons people buy motorhomes at all.

In popular motorhome areas such as the UK, mainland Europe and places like Australia and New Zealand, however, motorhomes camping in the wild are becoming a problem. The sheer volume of motorhome traffic that these areas attract is becoming problematic and can be a danger to local residents or the environment, particularly in places like national parks or nature reserves.

As such, local authorities are starting to bring in rules about where and how campers are allowed to camp, particularly in busy motorhome areas. The rules, however, are often inconsistently applied and can be incredibly confusing to follow, particularly if you’re travelling between different countries. Such disputes have been the cause of motorhome insurance claims and motorhome owners have also been issued heavy fines for contravening the regulations.

However, a part of the problem does come from motorhome owners themselves. In New Zealand in particular, many motorhome tourists fail to respect the local environment and often leave litter or waste where they shouldn’t. This is something seen all over the world by a very small minority of motorhome owners, but it has causes issues amongst tourists and local residents.

At the moment we’re seeing motorhome travel increasing in popularity and motorhomes, at the same time, are getting bigger and more sophisticated. This is putting the pressure on councils and authorities to act and regulate and we’re in a difficult period where the practical concerns of motorhome owners haven’t yet been ironed out. However, if authorities and the motorhome communities work together to come to amiable solutions, we should see things improving in the near future.

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