Motorhome Renters Seek to Broaden Appeal

We all know that if you get a motorhome owner talking about their last trip or their dream getaway, they’ll talk for days! For the motorhome community, the freedom and convenience that a motorhome gives you is really second to none and it’s hard to understand why more people haven’t tacked on to the joy of camping. However, over the last few years we’ve seen motorhome rental companies really trying to broaden the appeal of motorhomes.

One particular market which is looking lucrative is the youth market. University students and school leavers are incredibly international these days and are always keen to travel. A motorhome is a considerably more sociable way of doing so traditional backpacking, and, with the right motorhome insurance policy it can even be more cost effective. Exotic destinations such as Australia, New Zealand and even parts of Asia are much more accessible by motorhome.

Age, of course, does restrict the sort of vehicle you’re able to drive and for the most part young drivers are only allowed to drive campervans or, in some countries, small motorhomes without a license upgrade. These are, however, usually very easy to get hold of and many young people are starting to take the tests to upgrade their license.

Equally, rental companies are starting to think about more family friendly additions to their motorhome packages. Child seats and handy things like cots or high chairs are the sort of additions that turn motorhome travel from a problem into a reality, and we’re seeing more and more motorhome rental companies really getting stuck in when it comes to accommodating for families.

It’s great to see active efforts to broaden the appeal of motorhome holidays being made and it’s even better to see different groups and all sorts of new people who you wouldn’t have expected showing up at campsites and enjoying the motorhome life.

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