The Wider Danger of Motorhome Fires

RV on fireOver the last few weeks there have been a considerable number of stories in the news and on the blogs that have covered serious motorhome fires. All motorhome owners are well aware of the risks of fire in their motorhomes, but often the proper preventative measures fail or, on occasion, weren’t implemented properly in the first place.

If a motorhome fire causes damage to a vehicle then, usually, it’s a reasonably simple procedure to repair the motorhome and to claim damages on a motorhome insurance policy. Of course, motorhome fires do often cause serious and irreplaceable damage to personal affects, but in most circumstances the damage tends to be manageable.

However, there are incidents where fires have caused not just damage to motorhomes, but to third parties. These sorts of incidents can be massively expensive and incredibly dangerous and the wider danger of motorhome fires is not often appreciated.

Motorhome engines are very prone to causing serious damage to their surroundings. Petrol is, of course, extremely flammable and is a fire prolonged the engine is highly likely to explode. The flames from this can often spread to other vehicles or, worse, to the natural surroundings. Fires from motorhomes can and do very easily cause forest fires.

The sort of situations we’ve been seeing recently really highlight the importance of acting calmly and quickly with fire. When safe to do so, using small, personal fire extinguishers can really help to control the blaze and will prevent flames spreading. Equally, motorhome owners should not delay in calling the emergency services; the faster the call, the faster the response and the less likely it will be that external damage will be caused.

Fires in motorhomes are not as rare as you may think and all motorhome owners need to know how to deal with emergency response. Factoring in that risk is all a part of safe travel as a motorhome owner so make sure you’re prepared.

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