‘Queen’s’ Motorhome to be Auctioned

Queen Elizabeth IIYou might remember a story we covered a little while back where HRH the Queen visited motorhome manufacturer and retailer Bailey of Bristol. As a part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Her Majesty was given a full guided tour of the premises and ended up being chauffeured in one of the Bailey motorhomes; a rather luxurious Approach SE 760, complete with a walnut interior.

The time has come, however, for Bailey to sell on the illustrious ‘Queen’s Motorhome’. The six-berth 760 starts at just under £45,000 to retail customers, but we can expect that trade buyers will be looking to pay at least that for both the privilege of owning such a special vehicle and the marketing kudos that comes with it.

The Approach will be sold by auction and, ultimately, will end up on the forecourt of a retailer. What will happen then is unknown; it’s quite possible that some will choose to cash in and sell on to a customer to maximise profits. For others, it could be a fantastic vehicle to show for some years to come.

All the profits above a reserve price on the motorhome will be given to local Bristol charity St. Peter’s Hospice. The hospice is a much loved organisation specialising in care for people with long-term and limiting health conditions.

Alongside the obvious benefits of owning such a vehicle and in helping out such a charity, whoever manages to make the winning bid will be treated to a ‘Royal Tour’ of the Bristol factory, lunch with the Bailey directors and photograph of the Queen making her visit. Again, these could end up in the hands of a retail customer, so if you’re interested then keep your eyes peeled!

We can’t imagine what sort of motorhome insurance policy would have to be created for such a special vehicle, but whoever ends up with the Royal Motorhome at the end of the day may not even want to take it off the drive: it would be enough just to admire it!

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