April Update: Motorhomes Getting Geared Up for Spring

Motorhome in ParkIt may have been an extremely long winter, but finally the weather is starting to get warmer and more people are beginning to plan their next motorhome trip. However, since the winter has been so long most people are having to give their motorhomes a bit of TLC or are planning on buying a new model, which is good for both motorhome manufacturers and mechanics alike. Here we look at the hot topics for April and how owners are getting geared up for the motorhome season:

Motorhome Maintenance

Most motorhome owners across the country have now taken their vehicles out of storage and are planning on doing some general maintenance before they start planning their trips away. Most of the time this involves giving their vehicle a good clean, as well as checking that everything is working properly such as the brakes. As previously mentioned, mechanics that specialise in motorhomes should be expecting an increase in business, especially if motorhome owners feel that their vehicle needs a complete overhaul and that they are not equipped to do this themselves. Motorhome insurance providers should also hopefully be seeing an increase in business soon, as many people will be looking to renew their policies after their motorhomes are up to scratch.

Motorhome Holidays

Now that the weather in the UK is becoming more reliable motorhome owners are becoming more inclined to book their next trip, which is why caravan sites across the country are preparing for the influx of customers. Recently, it has been announced that the UK economy has increase by 0.3%, and even though this is only a small change it does mean that the UK public are becoming more optimistic about the future of the economy and are therefore more inclined to spend on a holiday. Caravan sites should keep this in mind and make sure all their facilities are all well-maintained and of a good standard, this way they will also have a better chance of gaining a share of the market.

Motorhome Safety

Around this time every year there are a number of news articles released reminding owners to be careful when they are out in their motorhomes, especially as thieves start targeting motorhomes around this time of year. Most articles have advised that owners should never leave anything valuable in their vehicles, and when they are away to make sure everything is stored safely and out of sight. Furthermore, it has been recommended that owners make sure that they have an up to date alarm system and locks on their motorhomes in order to prevent theft. On another safety note, owners have been advised to test drive their motorhomes before going on a trip in order to make sure they can manoeuvre the vehicle properly and that there are no problems when it’s on the road.

Motorhome Shows

Spring is not only the beginning of the motorhome holiday season but also the beginning of the motorhome show season, and there are a number of events coming up across the UK that are sure to attract thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors each day. Motorhome manufacturers, as well as those that sell accessories and camping gear, can really benefit from these events and increase their sales with little effort. Coming up in May is The Biggest Caravan and Motorhome Show Ever, the Southern Motorhome Show, the Outdoor Leisure and Balloon Fiesta and the Nottingham Caravan and Motorhome Show to name but a few. This summer there are also a variety of festivals throughout the UK that motorhome owners will be flocking to in their thousands, showing that the next few months are going to be extremely busy for anyone working in the motorhome industry!

Spring is an exciting time for the motorhome owners and the motorhome industry alike, and we are sure that in the next few months we will start to hear more about the popularity of motorhome holidays and how businesses have benefitted from the increase in demand.

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