Essential Motorhome Accessories

Motorhome tripAn increasing number of people in the UK are choosing to purchase a motorhome for family holidays. Whether it’s the facility of being able to travel at your own pace, or the opportunity to explore the great outdoors in comfort, the motorhome industry has seen a steady rise in sales over the past few years.

If you already own a motorhome and are seeking advice regarding the necessary essentials or alternatively, if you are looking to purchase a motorhome in the near future, we have put together a guide of essential caravanning accessories based on top tips gained through personal experience and feedback from motorhome owners.

Water transportation, usage and waste

The transportation and storage of water is an essential part of owning a motorhome, unless your vehicle is equipped with an on board water tank. There are various methods of doing this but the most popular and convenient way would be to use an Aqua Roll. A cylindrical container with a two piece handle allowing you to pull the Roll on its runners when it is full of water, an Aqua Roll can be filled through its side cap when at any servicing point.

With regards to the water that exits the Aqua Roll, depending on the quality of campsite, you may need a receptacle for the waste water. The most favoured way to do this would be to use a Waste Master, a container on wheels, slender enough to slide under the caravan when in use.

Games and activities

If your family trip is to run smoothly you will want to keep the kids happy and entertained so don’t forget to pack of good selection of games and outdoor activities for the children and even adults to get involved with of an evening. Our suggestions would include a deck of cards, Frisbee, badminton set, fishing rod and a set of board games

Additives for lavatories

Whilst it’s not the most pleasant of subjects to discuss, if you use a cassette toilet you will need chemicals. The range of additives on the market will help keep your toilet germ free along with giving the flush water a pleasant fragrance.

Awning for shade and weather protection

An awning is one of the most essential motorhome accessories one can buy, providing shade, privacy and protection from the weather, a must if you’re parking your RV anywhere for longer than 24 hours. Opt for a product that most suits your individual and family needs, take into account material and durability when purchasing, with a mildew-resistant fabric bought from a dedicated retailer the most ideal.

Tool kits and a torch

As with all vehicles, motorhomes are subject to wear and tear during long trips and when something breaks or needs adjusting you will want to have a few tools on hand to fix the problem. Tools we would recommend carrying would include screwdrivers, insulation tape, a selection of fuses, an adjustable spanner, gas bottle spanner, pliers, a selection of sockets and a sharp pocket knife.

Were generators to fail or you needed extra light, it’s crucial to have a torch handy. Purchase a rechargeable one if possible and store it somewhere in the caravan that’s easily accessible in the dark.

Be sure to also pack a couple of pairs of gloves with your tools. A good pair of disposable gloves is essential when coming into contact with sewer hoses and sewer hook-ups whilst garden gloves are also useful pieces of kit, providing you with that extra grip and protection from sharp edges on equipment.

Child gates

Something you often hear people recommend packing with other motorhome essentials are child gates. Whilst these are typically found across stair entries and doorways of bathrooms and kitchens of homes with children, they are also camping accessories you can’t really afford to be without.

Great for setting up perimeters for children and dogs or fencing off your own supplies and camping area from fellow campers and their pets, be sure to purchase a child gate with an interlocking panel so you can adjust the size of the gate.

Motorhome insurance

Last but not least, as with any other vehicle ensure you have the correct insurance prior to taking it out on the road. Whilst this is a legal requirement it will also protect you in the event of any accident such as fire or theft. Ensure you purchase the most comprehensive and most suitable motorhome insurance for your individual needs

We hope you find our guide to essentials useful. What are the best motorhome accessories that you really cannot do without?

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