The world’s greatest motorhome is up for sale

We have featured many luxury motorhomes from all over world in the past, but none come bigger than Der Bus.

Weighing an incredible 28 tonnes and measuring 18m long, the German behemoth is one of the biggest man-made coaches ever and officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest motorhome.

Titanic Tourer

Built all the way back in 1997, the titanic tourer has since been completely disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up, to ensure it is still as impressive as it was 16 years ago.

It’s a truly incredible vehicle and is set to fall into the hands of a new, and very rich, owner with the motorhome having been put up for sale this month.

A potential buyer will always want to know exactly what he/she is getting for their money and when it comes to Der Bus, that money is paying for both size and style.

With its double-decker layout, Der Bus features casino facilities, a VIP lounge and events facilities. Space is in abundance and as many as 144 guests can be accommodated inside the vehicle.

All the standard motorhome amenities are included in terms of cooking and washing but rather than relying on a leisure battery, Der Bus possesses a 5.4wh Zeise Camino 8 generator.

Just to move a vehicle of this considerable size takes tremendous power hence why Der Bus has a 12-cylinder Daimler engine which generates a quite incredible 436bhp.

One might be concerned that heating such a large vehicle during the cold winter months could be an issue but with a state of the art Webasto central heating system installed, this potential problem is taken care of. Likewise there is also a combined water tank capacity of 470 litres and De Longhi air conditioning system to keep things cool when temperatures soar during the summer months.

The lavish décor is very much in-keeping with the luxury environment, with white leather walls lining the interiors, timber-lined windows, corian worktops, along with chromium plated light fittings.

Whilst owning such a vehicle would be the dream for many a motorhome owner, the reality is this vehicle will only be available to the elite, especially if you consider what motorhome insurance premiums the vehicle will command.

Whether it’s a Hollywood movie star, Middle Eastern prince or oil tycoon, with no price listed on the official website, we can only speculate what such a vehicle will go for, but it is likely the current owners would welcome a bidding war.


The Volker Mobil Performance Bus

Dubbed the world’s ultimate camper van, with an onboard garage compartment which has room for a supercar, the 40ft long Volkner Mobil Performance Bus is an obvious rival to Der Bus.

Priced between £750,000 and £1.2 million this palace on wheels features a large fridge-freezer, dishwater, microwave, Bose Dolby-home Entertainment Surround System and a widescreen TV, perfect for those desiring a home from home.

The unique selling point for this motorhome is that it is completely custom-made, attracting a host of wealthy customers from across the world.

Taking up to 12 months to build, its luxury interior, with a full range of fixtures and fittings, from high-quality leather seats to real wood units and stone tiles, can be individually tailored to the owner. Specialist lighting can even be installed to provide the inside of the buses a unique and stylish look to suit the buyer.

The Performance Bus is the ultimate touring vehicle for petrolhead rock stars.

Stauber Actro Liner 1200+1

German-based manufactures Stauber build a range of specialist RV’s including the 3-axle, diesel powered Actro Liner 1200+1.

Priced at 425,000 Euros with a 14 foot wide living area, the vehicle created by Manfred Stauber, is approximately 12 metres long and comes equipped with an extendable rear car garage, marble floors and steam shower.

However the real show-stopper of the Stauber Actro Liner 1200+1 is its rising master bedroom, providing the owners with a bedroom view unlike any other.

Marathon Coach Corporation

Probably the closest rival to Der Bus would be the luxury coaches on offer from Marathon Coach Inc.

Billed as “the world’s largest luxury bus converter and dealer” Marathon custom produces luxury motorhomes equipped with the finest materials and advanced components and technology available.

Featuring dual-salon and bedroom slide-outs, Marathon coaches spacious interiors are inspired by classic European designs, with mother-of-pearl accents throughout.

Whilst there is obviously a market for these luxury motorhomes is it extravagance gone too far?

Pictured – The Thor Tuscany motorcoach

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