Predictions for the Motorhome Industry in 2014

Image of MotorhomesThis past year has seen quite a few ups and downs for the motorhome industry, however as it comes to an end it looks as though there will be mostly positive movement in 2014. Recent news has revealed that the UK’s economy has entered into recovery, meaning that the current deficit has reduced and soon most people will have access to larger amounts of disposable income.

The improving economy is just one reason behind the positive predictions for the motorhome industry in 2014, as the popularity of the motorhome holiday has also been rising steadily over the past few years. We have also seen the motorhome itself develop massively recently, with models becoming more luxurious and technologically advanced. So what does this mean for 2014? Here are our predictions:

Motorhome Owners will Start Venturing Further Afield

One of the reasons that the motorhome holiday has become so popular recently is because they are generally cheaper than going away on a traditional holiday. As you can cook your own meals and don’t have to pay for accommodation motorhome holidays can often cost very little, especially if you budget before you go. However, with the UK’s economy improving we may start to see more motorhome owners choosing to splash out a little bit extra on their holidays by travelling further afield. Even though this means the UK won’t benefit as much from tourism, those that choose to travel further distances in their motorhomes often buy more expensive models and accessories to make their trips comfortable, which would benefit the motorhome market greatly.

Motorhomes will continue to Develop

Having a larger amount of people invest in the motorhome industry means that manufacturers have more freedom when it comes to creating new models, which we hope leads to a number of ground-breaking motorhomes enter the market in 2014. Some of the UK’s most popular motorhome manufacturers have already revealed their new line ups, such Bailey with the Approach Autograph. Not only does the new model look extremely sleek, but it comes with a range of top-quality features such as high capacity insulated on-board fresh and waste water tanks, all new double skinned floor construction that helps with integrity and insulation, and Alde wet central heating systems with easy to use digital control panels. 2014 already looks set to be a very exciting year for motorhome manufacturers, and we can’t wait to see the new models that enter the market.

Motorhome Exhibitions will Increase in Popularity

Each year the Motorhome and Caravan Show attracts hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors, and this year there was even a record number of attendees. With the popularity of motorhome holidays increasing, it’s no surprise that more and more people choose to attend exhibitions to purchase new models, learn advanced motorhome driving skills, pick up some essential accessories and even find some great motorhome insurance deals. We expect that the Motorhome and Caravan Show – along with many other exhibitions – will break even more records next year, so those who wish to attend will have to book early.

Protecting your Motorhome will become even more Important

With motorhome models becoming more extravagant it will become essential for owners to make sure they are protected at all times. Due to their increased value, motorhomes will become targeted by thieves on a more regular basis, meaning owners will need to invest in alarms, immobilisers and wheel locks in order to prevent losing their vehicles. It will also be essential for all motorhome owners to make sure that if they choose to store their motorhomes during the winter months they do so properly, otherwise they could find them damaged by the time they want to use them again. Here at Victor Millwell we often discuss how motorhome owners can protect their vehicles throughout the year, ultimately ensuring that their investment lasts and isn’t vulnerable to damage or theft.

The next twelve months looks set to be extremely exciting for the motorhome industry and everyone involved in it. While most of the changes look positive, there is a concern that due to the market expanding so quickly the classic motorhome holiday may soon be a thing of the past, however we are sure there will always be those that keep the tradition alive.

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