Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Motorhomes

Image of Volkswagen CaliforniaThe motorhome has changed so much over recent years that current models are now just a shadow of their predecessors. With interest in motorhomes and motorhome holidays increasing, manufacturers have been creating harder, better, faster, stronger models in order to gain their share of the market. Here, we look at some of the newest and most advanced motorhomes available now:

The Half a Million Pound Motorhome

If you are shopping for a motorhome on a budget then make sure you give RS Motorhomes a miss, as their models are exclusively for those that have money to burn. Gone are the days where motorhomes are solely associated with being economical, in fact you can now purchase models which cost more than the average UK home. According to founder of RS Motorhomes, Mick Rowe, each of their models starts at around sixty five thousand pounds, and the price can continue to go up until you say stop.

Mick added: “We try to offer the customer just what they want, plus longevity and quality. You don’t get that in mass-produced vehicles. Our quality is high end, but prices aren’t and the price of mass-produced vehicles has crept up over the past five years, which makes our product more competitive. The most expensive motorhome we have built was towards £500,000, with VAT and that was like a luxury hotel on wheels.”

The New Volkswagen Campervan

Even though many campervan enthusiasts are still lamenting the fact that the iconic Kombi Type II has seized production, it looks like for Volkswagen there is no going back. Their new campervan models are almost the exact opposite to their famous forbearers, mainly due to their sheer size and shape. While the Kombi Type II is small with a soft appearance, the California SE is large, stocky, and undeniably a camper van. Furthermore, it comes with a number of features such as a two-burner hob, kitchen sink, 42-litre fridge and an optional awning for ‘al fresco dining’. There is definitely nothing about the California SE that makes you think of hippies or getting back to nature; this model is for those that want to conquer nature, not become one with it.

Frankia’s 2014 A-Class Models

Once again, if you are looking for a cheap motorhome (or a cheap motorhome insurance policy for that matter) then these models are probably not for you. Earlier on this year German motorhome manufacturer Frankia announced that they would be releasing two new A-class models this year – the 740 Plus and the 7400 Plus. Prices start from a whopping £96,584, however each model comes with some of the most advanced motorhome technology, including mattress extenders which allows passengers to sleep in their beds either lengthways or transversely. Furthermore, each one comes with a U-shaped rear lounge, leather upholstery, cream and wood cabinetry and ambient lighting.

Alistair Briggs-Price, Sales Director of SMC, the UK’s sole Frankia dealer, said: “We are pleased to be offering this new and exciting Frankia layout of rear lounge with garage for the 2014 season. I think this is a truly unique motorhome, with the ability to have full rear U-shaped lounge, which will sleep two singles or one double, and an overcab A-class bed which is low and accessible and sleeps lengthways down the ’van – negating the need for one partner to climb over the other – as with every other A-class bed. After a very popular first UK outing at the NEC show, we are looking forward to receiving our first Frankia rear lounge in the late summer.”

And Finally… The Top Gear Motorhomes

Even though they have a love/hate relationship with recreational vehicles, the Top Gear boys have recently embarked on a trip from Burma to Thailand in trucks converted into motorhomes. While these are not exactly your ordinary motorhomes, each one comes with their own special features, such as Jeremy Clarkson’s which he equipped with a single bed, fly sheet, ebony wood flooring and a reclining armchair. Meanwhile, Richard Hammond modified his truck to include a shower which uses rainwater stored in a reservoir tank, and James May added a mountaineering tent, bringing a whole new meaning to the word ‘motorhome’.

With the motorhome becoming more advanced, these are extremely exciting times for anyone involved in the motorhome industry. As long as the current interest in recreational vehicles lasts, we expect to see even more bigger and bolder models hitting the markets in years to come.

Photo by M 93 / CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

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