Preparing your Motorhome for Spring

Image of MotorhomeIf you are an avid motorhomer then it’s likely you have already taken your motorhome out during the Easter holidays, however there are still many motorhome owners across the UK who are waiting for the weather to improve just that little bit more. Even though we are currently still experiencing some April showers, the weather is definitely getting warmer and we are starting to see more sun, so here Victor Millwell shows you how to prepare your motorhome for spring:

Choose a time that suits you

Preparing your motorhome for spring often takes a considerable amount of time, which means that you shouldn’t try and rush it one afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday. Ideally, you need to put aside a good couple of days to prepare your motorhome, especially if it has been stored away over the winter months. Furthermore, when it comes to taking your motorhome out of storage you may find that it’s in a bigger state of disrepair than you first expected, as unfortunately they can often be affected by mould, dust and unwelcomed visitors such as mice or insects. Luckily, we have two bank holidays coming up in May, which means that with some careful planning you could put aside a whole three days for getting your motorhome back to its best!

Make a Plan

It’s all very well saying to yourself that you are going to spend three days working on your motorhome, however if you don’t make a list of what needs to be done then you could find it taking a lot longer than you thought! Making a list of all the maintenance that needs to be done will not only let you dedicate certain amounts of time for each task, but will also ensure that you don’t miss anything out. Putting everything in a list will also remind you of all the tools and products you will need to clean out your motorhome, as it’s more than likely that you will not have everything you need. A quick trip to your local hardware store should be enough to help you stock up on everything you require, and you could even invest in a few new accessories for your motorhome whilst you are there!

Brush up on your Skills

If the last time you gave your motorhome a complete overhaul was around the same time last year then it’s more than likely you have become a little rusty when it comes to maintenance skills. For example, are you one hundred per cent sure you know how to correctly check your motorhome’s oil, water and windscreen washer levels (or even open the bonnet correctly?) If not, it may be an idea to go online and do some research before starting work on your motorhome. Doing this could also remind you of certain maintenance tasks that you previously forgot, or if you are really stuck you may be able to ask for help from other motorhome owners via forums. Don’t forget that if you are ever unsure it’s always best to wait – you don’t want to end up having to claim on your motorhome insurance for damages that you caused!

Invest in a New Motorhome

It’s an unfortunate fact that all motorhomes have a shelf life, and you may find when you take yours out of storage that it has reached it. It is at this point that you have to decide whether it would best to spruce it up and then attempt to sell it on or leave it as it is and sell it for scrap. If you do decide to spruce up your motorhome up there are a few things that will automatically add value to it, such as getting rid of any chips or dents and giving your upholstery a thorough vacuum and clean. If there is a substantial amount of damage you may have to take your motorhome to a mechanic or hire a professional to come and work their magic, however if you do decide to do this you must always ensure that the amount you spend will be worth it in the long run. In the meantime why not visit some motorhome dealers and see what new models are available?

Treating your motorhome to a bit of TLC is a great way to reignite your passion for motorhome holidays, and it’s likely that while you are carrying out maintenance you will be thinking of all the trips you could go on this year. Remember, the more you put in to your motorhome the more you will get out of it, so make sure you put enough time aside to give it a proper overhaul!

Photo by Mj-bird / CC BY-SA 3.0

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