Summer and the Motorhome Industry

Image of MotorhomesSummer is the high period in the motorhome industry as most people tend to go on holiday in their motorhomes during June, July and August. However, this isn’t a very long time to make enough money to see you through the down period that is winter and most of spring, which depending on the weather can last anywhere between six to eight months. Therefore, it is important for everyone who works in the motorhome industry to make the most out of the summer months, and here Victor Millwell shows you how:

Motorhome Manufacturers

Recreational vehicles including motorhomes have vastly changed over the years due to consumers becoming more demanding. These days, motorhomes need to come equipped with everything that bricks and mortar homes have: a fully functional kitchen, bathroom and even games area for example. This is why most motorhome manufacturers perform extensive market research before deciding what new features or models to create. However, those that refurbish motorhomes for a living should also take a look at what is popular on the market right now in order to target their offerings to their customers. For example, electronics including flat-screen TVs and satellite dishes are extremely popular with consumers right now, so make sure any motorhome that you are currently working on has these installed.

Motorhome Dealers

Motorhome dealers are extremely busy in the lead up to and during the summer months, as it’s during this time that they will make most of their income for the year. As previously mentioned, these days consumers want more from their motorhomes which means that you are often able to convince them to upgrade to more expensive models with better features. In order to encourage sales during the summer period it may also be wise to invest in some form of advertising in order to remind customers where you are, the types of models you specialise in and any deals you may have at the time. It is important for motorhome dealerships to ensure that their staff are well educated on all the models on the floor as well as popular models that are currently on the market. By providing your customers with as much information as possible you’re more likely to make a sale!

Motorhome Hire Companies

Along with motorhome dealers, motorhome hire companies make most of their money during the summer months. However, unlike dealers, hiring out motorhomes takes a bit more preparation as you don’t want to get to summer without having the majority of your motorhomes booked out. Most motorhome hire companies start promoting their services at the beginning of spring in order to make sure that people book early and they are therefore guaranteed an income during summer. During the summer months motorhome hire companies need to focus on ensuring that all the motorhomes in their fleets are well-maintained and cleaned thoroughly after they are returned. Some hire companies also provide special services to their customers such as festival package deals in order to encourage sales.

Motorhome Insurance Providers

With motorhome dealers and hire companies being so busy in the summer months motorhome insurance brokers need to ensure that they are able to handle an influx in leads. This may mean hiring temp staff during the summer months and extending your opening hours in order to take advantage of leads coming in in the early morning and evenings. However, even though summer is often busy for motorhome insurance providers you also need to be aware that there will be down periods such as when events like Ascot are on. In order to ensure that customers choose your company instead of a competitor you may also want to offer special deals such as discounted European cover or multiple vehicle cover. Don’t forget to also build up a good relationship with each customer so you are able to offer them laid up cover during the winter months or even a renewal on their policies next year.

The summer months are extremely busy for anyone that works in the motorhome industry, and if you make the most out of them you should be able to keep your business running smoothly during the winter. Remember, the high period is the best time to invest in your business as it will enable you to safeguard it for the future!

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