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The world’s greatest motorhome is up for sale

We have featured many luxury motorhomes from all over world in the past, but none come bigger than Der Bus.

Weighing an incredible 28 tonnes and measuring 18m long, the German behemoth is one of the biggest man-made coaches ever and officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest motorhome.

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The World’s Most Expensive Mobile Home

DubaiMotorhomes are not the first modes of transport you would associate with the lifestyles of rich and famous, however the last couple of years have seen a number of high-end luxury models appear on the market that would only ever be affordable to select few.

Earlier this month though, a motorhome that went on sale in the Gulf of Dubai truly took things to a whole new level.

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Motorhomes and Music Festivals

Summer FestivalWith the UK festival season set to get underway shortly, thousands of music lovers will be beginning their preparations, ensuring they have all the essential camping equipment, that their tent is in full working order, and that have the correct gear to shield them from the elements.

However for motorhome owners across the country, the summer festival season represents the perfect opportunity to take their vehicles out for a long weekend and enjoy camping in comfort. For those with a sense of adventure, there truly is nothing better than waking in your motorhome of a summer morning surrounded by fellow festival-goers.

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Winnebago Top Performing Motorhome Company

US motorhome and recreational vehicle giant Winnebago has been named as the top performing motorhome company of 2012. Winnebago continues to dominate the US markets in terms of sales and in terms of growing its market share. At current estimates it has approximately 20% of the market share for Class A and Class C motorhomes in the US; that’s one in five motorhomes sold.

Winnebago has always been a well known name over the pond and it brands itself as “the most recognised name in motorhomes” but here in the UK Winnebago has never had quite the same dominance. The large, American-style motorhomes just don’t seem to be as popular here in the UK as on the highways of the US.

It’s quite possible that cost has a big part to play in this. To import a Winnebago, particularly if the British Pound is not performing particularly well, is a very expensive affair and it can be less economical than to buy a UK or European built motorhome. On top of this, motorhome insurance on Winnebagos in the UK can be prohibitive and their extremely high value makes them difficult to store and to insure.

Equally, many Winnebago sized motorhome require a HGV license to get them on the road. This is something that the typical UK motorhome owner doesn’t have any need for and though it’s perfectly possible to pass the test, it is extra cost and expense on top of buying an EU built motorhome.

Having said this, the market for more luxury motorhomes is really starting to take off in the UK and in Europe and it’s likely that brands like Winnebago will really be able to start making inroads overseas if strong demand continues. The roads in the UK don’t make them ideally suited for large Winnebagos, but it’s a small price to pay if you’re after that scale of luxury.

Having said this, the market for more luxury motorhomes is really starting to take off in the UK and in Europe and it’s likely that brands like Winnebago will really be able to start making inroads overseas if strong demand continues. The roads in the UK don’t make them ideally suited for large Winnebagos, but it’s a small price to pay if you’re after that scale of luxury.

Security is vital for winter trips to Europe

Motorhomes are regarded by most as a luxury vehicle and as such they are bound to attract thieves and vandals. Thieves target motorhomes assuming the owners are wealthy and that there will be a plethora of expensive hi-tech items on board that they can easily steal and even more easily sell. In the United Kingdom there are some basic security measures that all owners take for granted in an effort to avoid making a claim on their motorhome insurance policy. However, when the motorhome has left the UK it is not so straightforward.

If the vehicle has to be left unattended for any period of time in Europe, owners need to think about where they leave it. Dark and deserted streets will attract opportunist thieves and the darkness will make it highly unlikely that anyone will see the thief break in. The same is true in the rural and remote regions to be found in many European countries, and when out in the country owners have to think about being stranded completely if their vehicle is taken. The best advice is to use a covered car park whenever possible, even if it costs a little extra, it is worth it.

The good news for all motorhome owners is that motorhome theft claims have fallen by 50% over the first nine months of the year compared with the same period last in 2010. However, it is not all good news as there has been an increase of 43% in accidental-damage claims over the same period. Sometimes a thief will target the vehicle itself, but sometimes a laptop or a phone is enough for a good day’s work. Thieves have also been known to smash windows abroad for twenty or thirty Euros in cash especially in big cities where drug abusers are rife.
If at all possible, park close to CCTV or traffic cameras as this will help to identify the thief in the event of a break-in and it will also increase the chances of getting possessions back.

Price, Price, Price!

If motor home insurance providers were ever in any doubt which one single item persuaded customers to go for their product, a recent survey conducted by one such provider should leave them in no doubt.

In fact the survey was conducted on what persuaded people to buy a motor home but the result applies equally to the insurance they cover it with, or at least it is a fair bet that it does. The survey gave prospective vendors a choice of five categories to choose from and asked them which one would most determine their eventual purchase. The choices were; brand name, appearance, comfort, performance and price. The survey was conducted over several months and took in the views of over 250 customers, however, there was only ever going to be one winner in these difficult times even though many observers would see the purchase of a motor home as a luxury item that is not affected so much by the dire financial climate.

Of course the winner by the proverbial country mile was price, and at a time when motoring is at its most expensive there is really little wonder. All the other categories had their support with comfort coming a very good second, which may confirm in fact that motor home ownership is indeed a luxury. Appearance and performance came in third and fourth respectively, polling 10% and 7% of the votes leaving brand name at the bottom with just 3% saying it was the most important factor. The results must be a big worry for many manufacturers who have spent years building up confidence in their brand, in a similar way to well known motor home insurers, and will come as a stark warning that every sale has to be fought for and there is no room for complacency!

In all 65% put price as their prime mover, including on-costs, and although it may not come as any surprise it should serve as a reminder to people in the motor home business just what customers are looking for.