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Top Tips for Winter Motorhome Driving

Image of snow covered roadIf you can get the time off, and you’re happy to brave the cold, winter is one of the best times of the year for a motorhome trip. The car parks are quiet, camping is usually very cheap and some parts of the UK and Europe are at their most spectacular in the heart of winter: the raging surf off the coast of North Cornwall, the foggy Yorkshire Moors and the snow-capped Nevis range are excellent examples!

However, winter driving can be treacherous, and the one thing that motorhome drivers can’t bank on is consistent weather at any time in the UK. Even if the forecast is bright and the sun is shining, you can never be sure you won’t encounter a bad patch of weather. So, if you’re travelling around the UK this winter, here are our top tips for avoiding the worst of the weather… Continue reading

Top Motorhome Destinations in Summer

Summer TripIt’s been a long time coming but with the UK currently in the midst of mini heat-wave now is the perfect time for motorhomes to emerge from storage. But with many of Britain’s most dedicated caravanners having already planned their trips, time is running out to book your summer holiday.

We’ve outlined a selection of the best motorhome spots in the UK for anyone still looking to book a trip a summer.

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Motorhomes and Music Festivals

Summer FestivalWith the UK festival season set to get underway shortly, thousands of music lovers will be beginning their preparations, ensuring they have all the essential camping equipment, that their tent is in full working order, and that have the correct gear to shield them from the elements.

However for motorhome owners across the country, the summer festival season represents the perfect opportunity to take their vehicles out for a long weekend and enjoy camping in comfort. For those with a sense of adventure, there truly is nothing better than waking in your motorhome of a summer morning surrounded by fellow festival-goers.

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GPS Improvements Key for Motorhome Owners

tomtomThe satellite navigation system (‘sat-nav’) has become a standard accessory for the motorhome owner over the last few years. Commercial sat-navs started their lives way back in the late nineties and were always a bit cumbersome to use. Systems were difficult to mount, expensive, and worst of all, inaccurate. Even today many motorhome users choose to stay away from sat-navs because they’re often wrong!

However, scientists in Spain have devised a new system which is helping to make sat-navs considerably more accurate. A combination of a traditional GPS signal, beamed down to your device from somewhere in the Earth’s orbit, gyroscopes and accelerometers has helped to narrow down the possible error on a sat-nav to around 2 meters. For a car, that’s about half a length and considerably less if you’re in a motorhome.

Additional accuracy is great news for all vehicles, but it’s even more critical for motorhomes. We receive a lot of motorhome insurance claims that involved motorhome owners trying to correct a wrong turn, often because of the failure of a sat-nav. There is much more of a risk of a motorhome being sent down a narrow track or ending up under a low bridge and therefore accurate directions are much more critical.

With further development it’s also possible that more accurate sat-navs could also be used to prevent accidents. If, for example, one sat-nav sensed a second too close it could warn the driver or, if the technology was perfected, it could even apply the brakes faster than a driver could. All of these developments are a long way off, but they are a step towards making our roads safer.

There aren’t too many motorhome owners without some sort of sat-nav these days and it looks like they’re really going to be a tool to cherish in the future. Improved accuracy can only be a good thing for the motorhome market and it will be interesting to see where it leads to next.

Winnebago Top Performing Motorhome Company

US motorhome and recreational vehicle giant Winnebago has been named as the top performing motorhome company of 2012. Winnebago continues to dominate the US markets in terms of sales and in terms of growing its market share. At current estimates it has approximately 20% of the market share for Class A and Class C motorhomes in the US; that’s one in five motorhomes sold.

Winnebago has always been a well known name over the pond and it brands itself as “the most recognised name in motorhomes” but here in the UK Winnebago has never had quite the same dominance. The large, American-style motorhomes just don’t seem to be as popular here in the UK as on the highways of the US.

It’s quite possible that cost has a big part to play in this. To import a Winnebago, particularly if the British Pound is not performing particularly well, is a very expensive affair and it can be less economical than to buy a UK or European built motorhome. On top of this, motorhome insurance on Winnebagos in the UK can be prohibitive and their extremely high value makes them difficult to store and to insure.

Equally, many Winnebago sized motorhome require a HGV license to get them on the road. This is something that the typical UK motorhome owner doesn’t have any need for and though it’s perfectly possible to pass the test, it is extra cost and expense on top of buying an EU built motorhome.

Having said this, the market for more luxury motorhomes is really starting to take off in the UK and in Europe and it’s likely that brands like Winnebago will really be able to start making inroads overseas if strong demand continues. The roads in the UK don’t make them ideally suited for large Winnebagos, but it’s a small price to pay if you’re after that scale of luxury.

Having said this, the market for more luxury motorhomes is really starting to take off in the UK and in Europe and it’s likely that brands like Winnebago will really be able to start making inroads overseas if strong demand continues. The roads in the UK don’t make them ideally suited for large Winnebagos, but it’s a small price to pay if you’re after that scale of luxury.

Eastern Destinations hit the spot for Motorhome Travellers

A large part of the media that surrounds the motorhome world is concentrated on UK travel and it’s definitely true that many motorhome owners do too. With all the beautiful scenery that surrounds us here in the UK, there really is no need to go any further afield. However, more and more frequently we’re starting to see exotic destinations appealing to motorhome owners who either drive considerable miles from their homes to get there or prefer to rent a motorhome when they arrive.

In particular, destinations in Eastern Europe are very popular. Ten or twenty years ago travelling to somewhere like Romania, Slovakia or Hungary wouldn’t have been a realistic option. Now the political situation has improved and the European Union allows free travel between countries, it’s very easy to get to these spectacular destinations. Not only do places like Bulgaria have beautiful summertime and dramatic winter climates, but they offer historical cities, sprawling coastlines and local culture in abundance. This is all accompanied by good prices and ever easier access, making Eastern Europe seem immensely appealing.

There is still a worry that places east of Berlin are less safe than traditional European destinations, but in general that fear is unfounded. Many Eastern European nations are now extremely well equipped to receive tourists and the overwhelming majority of locals are immensely hospitable. A good motorhome insurance policy is still an absolute necessity though as thefts still occur and can be a real problem if you’re a long way from home.

Motorhome owners have always been happy to explore and travel, and the beauty of Eastern Europe has really started appealing to the masses, rather than just to the mavericks! If you’re thinking about planning your summer holiday, why not look East – you never know what you might find!