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Heating your motorhome

Whilst many motorhome owners will be putting their vehicles away in storage for the winter, there are still plenty of enthusiasts who will be making full use of their motorhome over the winter months and Christmas period.

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Essential Motorhome Accessories

Motorhome tripAn increasing number of people in the UK are choosing to purchase a motorhome for family holidays. Whether it’s the facility of being able to travel at your own pace, or the opportunity to explore the great outdoors in comfort, the motorhome industry has seen a steady rise in sales over the past few years.

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Top Motorhome Destinations in Summer

Summer TripIt’s been a long time coming but with the UK currently in the midst of mini heat-wave now is the perfect time for motorhomes to emerge from storage. But with many of Britain’s most dedicated caravanners having already planned their trips, time is running out to book your summer holiday.

We’ve outlined a selection of the best motorhome spots in the UK for anyone still looking to book a trip a summer.

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Motorhomes and Music Festivals

Summer FestivalWith the UK festival season set to get underway shortly, thousands of music lovers will be beginning their preparations, ensuring they have all the essential camping equipment, that their tent is in full working order, and that have the correct gear to shield them from the elements.

However for motorhome owners across the country, the summer festival season represents the perfect opportunity to take their vehicles out for a long weekend and enjoy camping in comfort. For those with a sense of adventure, there truly is nothing better than waking in your motorhome of a summer morning surrounded by fellow festival-goers.

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BBC’s Top Gear Trio to Create ‘Motorhomes’

The StigThe motorhome and caravanning community has always had a turbulent relationship with BBC’s infamous Top Gear but Sunday night’s first of a two-part special showed the presenters getting properly acquainted with motorhome life. Their challenge, set on the banks of the river Nile, was to purchase three ordinary estate cars for less than the allotted £1,500 and to convert them into fully functioning motorhomes that they were to camp in for the duration of the challenge.

Inevitably, Hammond, Clarkson and May found themselves in a number of unpredictable situations and put themselves at the mercy of weather and wildlife in vehicles that were not even close to suited for the task! The episode continues and concludes next week with the presenters hoping to find the illusive source of the river itself.

Of course, there won’t be many of us who would dare to take our motorhomes to the depths of the Sahara, but it does go to demonstrate the versatility of a motorhome. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t use a motorhome to travel extremely long distances and even in challenging conditions a good motorhome can be incredibly rewarding.

It does also go to show the possibilities that exist for motorhome conversions. Though it would be tough to get a reasonable motorhome insurance quote for a converted Subaru Impreza, it does prove that you can create something resembling a motorhome from a good chassis on a budget. Many motorhome owners are immensely proud of what they’re able to do from their own garage and if the Top Gear team can do it, there’s no reason you can’t!

It’s good to see motorhomes (or at least something close to motorhomes) getting some prime time exposure and whether you’re planning on finding the source of the Nile or just after a few quiet weeks in the Lake District it shows you the kind of freedom you can really enjoy in a motorhome.

Euro May be a Concern for Travellers

EurosMotorhome holidays have different connotations for different people, some like to think of them as a cost effective alternative to the supposedly budget European getaway, and for others they’re a great way of exploring the world in a homely way. Either way motorhome holidays aren’t cheap. The cost of the motorhome itself, the additional costs of motorhome insurance and, of course, the cost of living while abroad adds up, and this month further worry will be on the minds of those travelling in Europe.

Lately we’ve seen a considerable increase in the Euro compared to the Pound, meaning that Euros have become much more expensive to buy and British customers are finding themselves getting less and less for their money abroad. This trend has mostly been a result of austerity measures put in place throughout the EU, and relatively good confidence in the currency has helped to boost its value.

For many this means that traditional ferry holidays to the Continent will be more expensive. The cost of camping in places like France and Spain is already significant and the currency situation is not making things any easier for British travellers. Where the belts are really being tightened is on expenses like food and drink. Considerable rises in food prices compared with a weak pound are adding a lot to the traditional motorhome owner’s bill.

Equally, the effect of this change could encourage more travellers to think about buying motorhomes in the UK or, potentially, hiring from the UK and taking abroad. Motorhome hire itself is usually the biggest price component of a motorhome trip and, for many, hiring on the continent won’t be affordable this year.

Currency markets are always difficult to track and they move almost exclusively on speculation. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Europe this summer, make sure you keep an eye on the rates and don’t get sucked in to paying more than you think you are.