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The effects of the Insurance Premium Tax Increase on Insurance Brokers

Image of book keeping In November this year the Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) will be raised from 6 percent to 9.5 per cent which is a considerable change. This increase will affect anything from contents insurance to motorhome insurance and includes all of the insurances that Victor Millwell offer. The increase is thought to make around £1.75 billion a year which will go straight into the Treasury’s pockets. Continue reading

The Rise in the Silver Motorhomer

Image of motorhomeJust over one year ago the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced that as of 6th April 2015 retirees would be able to choose between purchasing an annuity and receiving their pension payments on a regular basis or cashing out their entire pension in one lump sum. The case behind this decision was that pensioners should be given the freedom to decide how they want to receive their pensions and have the ability to use them to their full potential. Continue reading

Motorhome Security for Brokers

Image of PadlockBrokers constantly need to keep a keen eye on loss ratios so that they are able to offer their customers competitive premiums. Even claims that have a small loss ratio can start to add up if they become a common occurrence with your customers, which is why every now and again brokers need to think about the little things. Continue reading

What will happen to Insurance Premiums in 2015?

Image of Pound CoinsIn our last blog post we looked at the landscape of the insurance industry in 2014 and attempted to predict how insurance brokers would need to adapt their businesses in order to remain profitable during 2015. However, even though we are only a few weeks into 2015 there are already rumours that insurance premiums are on the rise for numerous types of protection including products created specifically for motorhomes and caravans. Continue reading

Brokers being Hit by Fluctuating Premiums

Image of calculatorAs a broker you would be forgiven for being somewhat confused about what is happening in the insurance industry right now as there has been a number of conflicting reports from a range of insurers. This means it’s extremely hard for insurance brokers to protect their businesses while offering their customers competitive quotes, ultimately meaning that they could be losing out on potential leads. Continue reading

The end of the Tax Disc – What Brokers need to Know

Image of the word TaxOn the first day of this month motorists across the country were officially able to take their tax discs out of their vehicles as going forward all information concerning road tax will be stored on an electronic database. However, even though in the run up to the change the DVLA issued information to both motorists and those that work in the insurance industry there is still much confusion over the new system. Continue reading