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Motorhome Sales continuing to Rise across the US and UK

Image of positive graphSpecialist motorhome insurance brokers rely on the success of the recreational vehicle market as a whole in order to grow and expand their businesses, as without a steady amount of sales there isn’t sufficient demand for motorhome insurance products. Furthermore, it’s not just the motorhome market in the UK that brokers need to keep an eye on, as the US and UK markets are closely linked, with some of the most popular recreational vehicle brands being American. Continue reading

Summer and the Motorhome Industry

Image of MotorhomesSummer is the high period in the motorhome industry as most people tend to go on holiday in their motorhomes during June, July and August. However, this isn’t a very long time to make enough money to see you through the down period that is winter and most of spring, which depending on the weather can last anywhere between six to eight months. Therefore, it is important for everyone who works in the motorhome industry to make the most out of the summer months, and here Victor Millwell shows you how: Continue reading

How easy is it to sell your Motorhome?

For Sale SignThese days, advertising the fact that you are selling your motorhome is extremely easy as there are a number of websites dedicated to advertising second hand vehicles including motorhomes, campervans and caravans. However, this doesn’t always mean that actually selling your motorhome is any easier; in fact, it can actually be much harder due to the fact that you have to compete for attention against thousands of other people also selling their motorhomes. So here Victor Millwell look at the difficulties you could encounter whilst selling your motorhome and how you can solve them: Continue reading

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Motorhomes

Image of Volkswagen CaliforniaThe motorhome has changed so much over recent years that current models are now just a shadow of their predecessors. With interest in motorhomes and motorhome holidays increasing, manufacturers have been creating harder, better, faster, stronger models in order to gain their share of the market. Here, we look at some of the newest and most advanced motorhomes available now: Continue reading

Predictions for the Motorhome Industry in 2014

Image of MotorhomesThis past year has seen quite a few ups and downs for the motorhome industry, however as it comes to an end it looks as though there will be mostly positive movement in 2014. Recent news has revealed that the UK’s economy has entered into recovery, meaning that the current deficit has reduced and soon most people will have access to larger amounts of disposable income.

The improving economy is just one reason behind the positive predictions for the motorhome industry in 2014, as the popularity of the motorhome holiday has also been rising steadily over the past few years. We have also seen the motorhome itself develop massively recently, with models becoming more luxurious and technologically advanced. So what does this mean for 2014? Here are our predictions: Continue reading

The World’s Most Expensive Mobile Home

DubaiMotorhomes are not the first modes of transport you would associate with the lifestyles of rich and famous, however the last couple of years have seen a number of high-end luxury models appear on the market that would only ever be affordable to select few.

Earlier this month though, a motorhome that went on sale in the Gulf of Dubai truly took things to a whole new level.

Continue reading