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Preparing your Motorhome for Spring

Image of MotorhomeIf you are an avid motorhomer then it’s likely you have already taken your motorhome out during the Easter holidays, however there are still many motorhome owners across the UK who are waiting for the weather to improve just that little bit more. Even though we are currently still experiencing some April showers, the weather is definitely getting warmer and we are starting to see more sun, so here Victor Millwell shows you how to prepare your motorhome for spring: Continue reading

Winter storage for your motorhome

Winter RoadsAfter a potentially busy spring, summer and autumn for motorhome owners, it’s that time of year again when many of us will be putting our motorhomes into storage for the winter. However if your motorhome will be inactive over the winter it’s crucial to plan ahead to ensure that your vehicle is safe and secure from thieves and fully protected from the elements prior to the new season getting underway.

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The world’s greatest motorhome is up for sale

We have featured many luxury motorhomes from all over world in the past, but none come bigger than Der Bus.

Weighing an incredible 28 tonnes and measuring 18m long, the German behemoth is one of the biggest man-made coaches ever and officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest motorhome.

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Winter Damage Takes Toll on Tyres

tyresMost motorhome owners are extremely good at maintaining most of their motorhome, but when it comes to tyres things get a little bit lax. We get a lot of motorhome insurance claims where tyres have blown-out or worn through at speed and, often, this is because the tyre was improperly maintained in the first place. After the winter we’ve had, the UK’s roads are looking worse than they have done for a long time, and this is going to be a serious problem for motorhome tyres when the spring holidaymakers start to arrive.

Potholes are going to be one of the main problems for motorhome owners. The extra weight of motorhomes means that if they hit a pothole the impact is particularly hard on both suspension and tyres. If tyres are under-inflated this impact usually hits the suspension first, but properly inflated tyres should be able to take the impact.

Equally, loose chippings and debris from the decaying road surfaces are going to accelerate tyre wear. This is going to lead to reduced grip, particularly in the wet, and some motorhome owners may even find their tyres disintegrating below the legal 1mm tread limit. It is not only an offence to drive with tyres in poor condition, it’s incredibly dangerous and could easily lead to a collision.

Good tyre maintenance is an essential part of winter driving and motorhome owners are advised to take steps to ensure that their tyres are properly inflated to just below the maximum limit displayed on the tyre and that their tread is adequate for the conditions.

While we’re starting to see repairs being undertaken it looks like it’s going to be some time before the UK’s roads are back in good condition. For now the advice for motorhome owners has to be to stick to the main roads wherever possible and to avoid any narrow country lanes.

‘Queen’s’ Motorhome to be Auctioned

Queen Elizabeth IIYou might remember a story we covered a little while back where HRH the Queen visited motorhome manufacturer and retailer Bailey of Bristol. As a part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Her Majesty was given a full guided tour of the premises and ended up being chauffeured in one of the Bailey motorhomes; a rather luxurious Approach SE 760, complete with a walnut interior.

The time has come, however, for Bailey to sell on the illustrious ‘Queen’s Motorhome’. The six-berth 760 starts at just under £45,000 to retail customers, but we can expect that trade buyers will be looking to pay at least that for both the privilege of owning such a special vehicle and the marketing kudos that comes with it.

The Approach will be sold by auction and, ultimately, will end up on the forecourt of a retailer. What will happen then is unknown; it’s quite possible that some will choose to cash in and sell on to a customer to maximise profits. For others, it could be a fantastic vehicle to show for some years to come.

All the profits above a reserve price on the motorhome will be given to local Bristol charity St. Peter’s Hospice. The hospice is a much loved organisation specialising in care for people with long-term and limiting health conditions.

Alongside the obvious benefits of owning such a vehicle and in helping out such a charity, whoever manages to make the winning bid will be treated to a ‘Royal Tour’ of the Bristol factory, lunch with the Bailey directors and photograph of the Queen making her visit. Again, these could end up in the hands of a retail customer, so if you’re interested then keep your eyes peeled!

We can’t imagine what sort of motorhome insurance policy would have to be created for such a special vehicle, but whoever ends up with the Royal Motorhome at the end of the day may not even want to take it off the drive: it would be enough just to admire it!

Good Service Matters for Motorhome Buyers

Credit CardsThough the internet seems to be taking over many of the aspects of retail, for the motorhome and caravan sales it’s far from there yet. In fact, we’re seeing more and more that motorhome buyers are sticking to local dealers where they’re guaranteed not only a good bargain, but good service too.

A good part of the value of going to a dealer is the after-sales care. Even with a good motorhome insurance policy in hand, there are savings to be made from forming a relationship with a particular retailer. Often dealers are happy to offer considerable savings on aftercare packages, and this is also a common part of the bargaining process when buying a motorhome.

Equally, dealers are experts on the sort of motorhomes they offer and although there is always a distinct sales aspect to any motorhome sold, they really do know what they’re talking about. For motorhome buyers, advice on making the right choice is essential and whether that’s differentiating between two different brands, or even just two different sizes of motorhome, any advice is usually gladly taken.

The advantage of being able to see a motorhome in the flesh is also immensely appealing to motorhome buyers who may otherwise start thinking about ordering or buying online. Dealers are able to offer a comprehensive tour of the features of motorhome and, usually, know them quite literally inside out. The pros and cons of any particular model are easy to draw out if you have someone who really knows what they’re talking about.

It’s this kind of service that really appeals to motorhome buyers and, unlike many of the consumer goods on the market at the moment, motorhomes are incredibly personal. It’s a lot of money to spend on something you don’t really get along with and the value of a good aftercare, sales and advice service are really a force to be reckoned with.