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Summer and the Motorhome Industry

Image of MotorhomesSummer is the high period in the motorhome industry as most people tend to go on holiday in their motorhomes during June, July and August. However, this isn’t a very long time to make enough money to see you through the down period that is winter and most of spring, which depending on the weather can last anywhere between six to eight months. Therefore, it is important for everyone who works in the motorhome industry to make the most out of the summer months, and here Victor Millwell shows you how: Continue reading

Training, Innovation and Development Boost Motorhome Industry

Elddis MotorhomeAll industries move and shift with demand, and business in the twenty-first century is much more dynamic than it ever has been before. This is definitely true for the primary and tertiary industries that have to innovate and continually create new ways of getting their products to market. Yet it’s in the secondary sector, businesses like motorhome manufacturers, who really have to dig deep to get the new products out there.

Motorhomes are constantly borrowing ideas from other industries and one of the newest developments we’ve seen over the last six months is the Elddis SoLiD construction technique. This involves using chemical bonding processes to fix together parts of motorhomes and is a vast improvement on traditional screws and bolts which are known for leakage and failure. This process is fairly common outside of the motorhome industry and it’s great to see it being put into use in many new models.

Of course, new developments mean new questions and Elddis have launched a nationwide training programme to ensure that all the dealers and salesmen know the ins-and-outs of the technical detail. Better educated salesmen mean, of course, that it’s much more likely that customers will be paired with a product they really want.

Equally, we’ve seen developments like carbon-fibre, used frequently in sports cars and almost exclusively on racing bikes come into the motorhome industry. Motorhomes are weighty beasts and weight reduction is an important issue to consider for the future.

What all this development means is that motorhome insurance providers can be assured of the increasing safety, quality and security of the motorhomes they’re insuring. This can help not only to reduce policy costs for motorhome owners but it also helps to cut down risk for the insurer. Good technology functioning properly is far less risky than a construction method that might fail anywhere between one and five times out of ten.

It’s great to see true innovation in the motorhome industry and long may it continue because it’s good for us all!

Yorkshire Based RS Motorhomes Receives Funding

handshakeTowards the end of last year there were huge number of mergers and acquisitions in the motorhome market and it was clear that many firms were struggling to stay afloat in tricky conditions. A drop-off in consumer demand was coupled with a rise in input prices for companies and many motorhome manufacturers and retailers were finding it difficult to meet their wage bill and begin to pay off their borrowings. There has been good news today however, as Yorkshire based RS Motorhomes – a family manufacturer who have been trading for over 25 years – received a sizeable investment from venture capitalists Seneca who will hope to turn the business around and reclaim their investment.

RS have been struggling to match the demands of consumers and they expect to increase their production output to about seven motorhomes a month. This should reduce the waiting times for customers and broaden their appeal. An investment from a venture capitalist will also see potential for expansion in different areas. It has been floated that RS could look into leisure transport and equestrian vehicles to boost sales in the future.

This merger is good news also for the sister industries of the motorhome world. Motorhome insurance providers are reliant on the demand for new motorhomes to bring them new custom and it’s promising that there are buyers who are willing to invest in motorhome manufacturers, especially those based in the UK.

This is one of the first transactions we’ve heard of this year, but this is the sixteenth time that RS have had to be bailed out in twelve months. These sorts of figures show that motorhome manufacturing market in the UK is far from stable and that there are likely to be all sorts of deals and sales throughout this year while firms try to stay afloat.

Family Run Firm Celebrates 25 Years in Business

russian dolls Motorhomes have always been about families, whether that’s bringing the family together, spending some time with the family, or sometimes just playing happy families! This is true not just for motorhome users, but many manufacturers, dealers, and servicing outlets. One such name which is celebrating 25 years in the business this week is Meridian motorhomes, based on the South Coast of England.

The Meridian name has been associated with quality service and great after-sales care for some time, and the family-run model is one that many dealers in the motorhome industry try to emulate. When buying something as personal as a motorhome, it helps to have someone who really is knowledgeable about the product and, better still, someone who has had knowledge passed down through the generations.

Equally, in this economic climate there are many motorhome owners who have become disillusioned with big-name industries, and the press that large corporations have been getting recently also doesn’t help with the image of larger, more commercial dealers. Family firms have a certain authenticity about them that can really help them to sell motorhomes not just once, but many times over.

This effect has even been seen in the motorhome insurance sector. While it’s much harder to find a family run insurer, many customers are switching away from larger, more well-known corporations, realising that they will get better service and a better deal elsewhere. The scale of some of the smaller companies means that though they can’t serve so many customers at once, those that they can serve usually get great treatment.

The motorhome will always be a purchase for all the family and it could be that in the coming years we see more and more dealers, manufacturers and insurers priding themselves on well thought out and personal service.