Classic Campervan Insurance

Our Classic Campervan insurance is designed to cover vans that were built before 1992, whether they are High-Top Campervans, Fixed Roof Campervans or Raised Roof Campervans. We know how much these vehicles are cherished by your customers and we have included features in our policy that reflect this.

Classic Campervan Breakdown Cover

We highly recommend you take out our specialist breakdown cover for only £65 to include on your annual policy. We provide this service in conjunction with the AA and DAS if you would like to know more on this policy and you can read more about it here.

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Our Classic Campervan Insurance Cover

Our classic campervan policies are available quickly and easily online for you. We are also pleased to be able to offer an agreed value for your customer's campervan under our policy. We can also cover pre-1992 professional conversions, Japanese imports and self or home built campervan insurance.

Our Classic Campervan policy wording can be found below if you wish to review our cover in detail.

  • Agreed value on your vehicle**
  • 12 months fully comprehensive cover in the UK
  • 90 days comprehensive cover in Europe
  • Personal Belongings up to £1000
  • Unlimited windscreen cover
  • Legal expenses cover up to £100,000

** Terms & conditions apply

Classic campervan insurance

Everyone loves a classic campervan. If your customers already own one, they’ll appreciate being part of an exclusive community who cherish their campers. And they’ll want classic campervan insurance that fully covers their pride and joy, in case the worst should happen.

Our Classic Campervan insurance is designed to cover vans that are built before 1992, whether they are High-Top Campervans, Fixed Roof Campervans or Raised Roof Campervans. We know how much these vehicles are cherished by your customers and we have included features in our policy that reflect this.

How do I get a quote for my customer’s Classic Campervan?

To get a classic campervan insurance quote, you’ll first need to let us know the type of campervan your customers have and then provide a few more details about their van, your customers and their driving history. We’ll then return a quote that will suit both your customer’s needs and their budget. It really is that simple.

Only drivers over the age of 21 can apply for classic campervan insurance and anyone aged between 21 and 25-years-old may find their insurance is a bit more expensive than older, more experienced motorists. This is because age and driving experience are important factors to be considered when insurers calculate the prices for classic campervan insurance.

How much is classic campervan insurance?

The price your customers pay for campervan insurance depends upon several factors. Every classic campervan insurance quote we provide will be tailored to your customer’s specific vehicle and individual circumstances.

As classic campervan insurance is a highly specialised and bespoke cover, your customers may find that they are paying a bit more than they would for regular campervan insurance. They may need to get an agreed valuation for their van. This is because no two classic campervans are identical, and the values of similar aged vehicles varies.

However, there are certain things which are treated the same and still factored in as they would be with regular campervan insurance. For example, if your customer’s classic campervan is their only vehicle they own and the one that they use it every single day, or at least every time that they are on the road. This could influence the price that they pay. This is because the more time your customer spends on the road, the more likely they are to have an accident.

If, on the other hand, your customer’s classic campervan is parked up for weeks at a time and they only use it at certain times of the year, then they should see a reduction in the premium, particularly if it is kept in a secure garage.

How to cut the cost of classic campervan insurance

Your customer’s premium may also be reduced if they can provide evidence of at least a few years claim-free driving. Also, being a member of a camping association or a similar club could enable them to obtain a cheaper quote. But remember, your customers need to have the evidence of this to hand to ensure that they receive this discount.

Other things that can help can save your customers money, are paying their insurance premium ‘up front’ rather than monthly instalments, having the best security available for their particular classic campervan, getting advanced driving qualifications, making sure their classic campervan is always parked somewhere safe and only adding those extras to their quote which are necessary.

Whatever happens, though, always make sure that the coverage your customers get will be the best that the insurance market can offer them.

If my customers have to claim, what do they do?

Accidents and losses can and do happen. For all customers, the ‘moment of truth’ comes at the point of claim. Regardless of how much your customers are paying for their insurance, they want to be safe in the knowledge that if something goes wrong, they are able to make a claim for things they are covered for, as quickly and as simply as possible.

So, whether your customer’s claim relates to an accident they have had with their classic campervan, or their vehicle has suffered fire or damage or it has been stolen, they should notify their insurer as quickly possible providing as much information as possible.

If there has been a theft, your customers should report this to the police immediately. They will issue your customers with a crime reference number, which they will be able to provide to their insurer to speed things up when processing the claim.

How to take out campervan insurance

Whether your customers have a classic Devon, Samba or Westfalia, they’ll need an insurance policy that covers them for every eventuality and insures all their possessions whether it’s being kept on the drive or driving around Europe.

To find the right policy to suit your customer’s needs, give our insurance experts a call on 020 8984 0333.

Did you know we pay


of claims and we’re determined to keep your customers moving.

*As of the 17th July 2018 Aviva stated that 99.6% of all claims were paid out.

Policy Documents

View and download our campervan insurance policy documents. Always refer to your customer’s individual policy for details of any exclusions and limitations.

**Agreed value is the amount agreed between your customer and us at the start of the period of insurance representing the value of your customer’s campervan including any spare parts.