Motorhome Manufacturers

Here at VM Insurance, we understand that every motorhome owner is different in what they want or require from their motorhome.

To help you gain an insight into the UK motorhome marketplace we have compiled a brief overview of the key manufacturers supplying motorhomes to motorhome owners in the UK.

We insure motorhomes made by all of the brands listed below and more. If your customers own or are looking to buy a motorhome made by any of these manufacturers, be sure to give VM Insurance a call on 0208 984 0333 so that we can provide specialist cover to meet your customer’s unique requirements.

Ace Motorhomes

Ace motorhomes were launched in 2001 and manufactured A-Class motorhomes. They were part of the Swift Group and production ceased 7 years after launch in 2009. The Ace brand was originally introduced as an entry level range for the Swift motorhomes.

Adria Motorhomes

Adria motorhomes are a company based in Slovenia that was launched in 1965 manufacturing caravans, with their first motorhome released in 1982. Since then, they have gone on to manufacture a range of durable and reliable A-Class and Overcab motorhomes. Adria was bought by the French vehicle firm Trigano in 2017.

Adria motorhomes are integrated on the Fiat Ducato and feature 2, 4 and 6 berth layouts. Their models include 4, 5 or 6 seat layouts.

Autocruise Motorhomes

Autocruise is a British motorhome manufacturer that sells luxury A-Class motorhomes. It was based in Yorkshire and ceased production as part of the Swift Group in 2018.

Autocruise is still a very popular brand of motorhome with many travellers making use of their vehicles every year. There are plenty of Autocruise motorhomes available to buy on the second-hand market, allowing the opportunity to buy a premium vehicle for a more affordable price.

Within the Autocruise range, there are several different models available. Depending on the model, they are designed to berth two or three people.

Autosleeper Motorhomes

Autosleeper is a British motorhome manufacturer that was launched in 1961 and is based in Willersey in the Cotswolds. They sell B-Class, C-Class and coach built motorhomes that are popular on the new and second-hand market. Autosleeper have a range of different sized models with a minimum berth and seat layout of 2 and a maximum of 4. The company are partnered with Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot and Fiat and are durable, entry-level vehicles.

Autotrail Motorhomes

Autotrail is a British motorhome manufacturer, producing high-quality A-Class and coach built vehicles from its factory in Grimsby. Autotrail motorhomes are now built on the Fiat platform, which is designed with motorhomes in mind, offering one of the best chassis for the motorhome market.

Historically, Peugeot, Mercedes and Citroen platforms have also been used for Autotrail Motorhomes. Their popular series are the perfect adventure vehicles and boast sleek designs and comfortable interiors.

There are several models in the range, and motorhomes are available with either two, four, five or six berths and boast high-performance engines.

Bailey Motorhomes

Bailey of Bristol is one of the oldest leisure vehicle manufacturers in the UK and sells both A-Class and C-Class motorhomes. It boasts over 65 years of making caravans that have been enjoyed by many across the country. In 2011, they branched out into building motorhomes and so far, they’ve been incredibly successful.

There are two Bailey motorhome series available on the market. These are The Bailey’s Autograph series which is incredibly luxurious and is a top of the range model. It features a beautiful design inside and out, and lots of space to create a comfortable living environment.

There are several different models within the Autograph series, and all are similar but have slightly different shapes and sizes. Vehicles with up to six travelling seats are available.

The other motorhome series that launched in 2015 by Bailey is the Approach Advance. This vehicle is a little bit smaller, and therefore less expensive than the Autograph series, but it still includes a whole range of features which are sure to offer an incredible experience and unbeatable value for money. Within their range, Bailey also have a vehicle that can accommodate six people, and the smallest just two.

Bessacar Motorhomes

Bessacarr became part of the Swift Group in 1996 and sells both A-Class and C-Class models. It is a very popular motorhome amongst people all over the UK and boasts a luxury interior and high driving performance.

Bessacarr motorhomes are highly sought after on the new and second-hand market. There are lots of different options, including various layouts. Bessacarr has vehicles that are designed for just two passengers, as well as bigger vehicles for larger groups. Bessacarr introduced a new range in 2018, with vehicles ranging from 2 to 6 berths, including various sleeping and seating options. Their spacious layouts have contributed to their popularity.

Burstner Motorhomes

Burstner Motorhomes are a German company who manufacture premium brand A-Class and Overcab motorhomes. Production began in 1924 with caravans and moved from caravan to motorhome production in 1986. Burstner have a range of motorhomes based on the Fiat Ducato chassis that are heavily sought after on both the new and second-hand market. Burstner also has a motorhome model which is based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Burstner’s smallest motorhome has 2-5 berths and 4 seats, while its biggest model has 7 berths and 6 seats. These vehicles are incredibly spacious and are popular for their amazing quality and durability. Other impressive features included in these vehicles are superb handling and drive technology.

Carado Motorhomes

Carado motorhomes are a German company who manufacturer Overcabs, Low Profile and A-Class motorhomes. They were founded in 2006 and are part of the Erwin Hymer Group. These motorhomes are popular within the new and second-hand market.

Their range of A-Class motorhomes feature a spacious chassis and between 3 and 4 seats and 4 berths, including the space to fit a fifth person. The Carado Overcab berths 6 people and their Low-Profile model is ideal for a smaller family with 2 berths and 4 passenger seats.

Chausson Motorhomes

Chausson is a French manufacturer of motorhomes, with all their vehicles being made at a plant in Tournon-sur-Rhône. Motorhome production began in 1980, although the company itself has been operating since 1903. Chausson sells A-Class, Low-Profile and Overcab motorhomes and vans.

Chausson has two different motorhome series, the Flash and the Welcome. The Flash series has lots of different models of varying shapes and sizes. Some are smaller and suitable for a single, or duo travellers. Whilst some can host the entire family. The design is standard and classic, and inside there’s all the necessary features to be expected. Each model has a number assigned to it, i.e. the Flash 25, the Flash 09 or the Flash 04. The higher the number, the more “premium” the motorhome is, meaning more space, and more luxuries.

The Welcome motorhome includes a model that’s large, enabling plenty of space suitable for up to five passengers. This is well and truly a family vehicle, including bunkbeds, a small dining table, and there’s space for a TV and DVD player.

Elddis Motorhomes

Elddis is a motorhome manufacturer based in the UK, selling both A-Class and C-Class vehicles. There are lots of options to consider when making a purchase. The most popular choices of series are the Autoquest and the Accordo, but there are plenty who prefer the third option, the Encore.

The Autoquest series is the most affordable Elddis motorhome. It has fantastic driving performance and is incredible value for money, which is why this series is one of the best-selling motorhomes of all time. There’s the choice between a two, four and six berths to ensure there’s a vehicle for all needs.

The Accordo is Elddis’ medium-range series. It features everything the Autoquest does, but in a more comfortable, efficient environment. The luxury design is pleasing to the eye, and the vehicle is incredibly well-built, guaranteeing an enjoyable journey wherever the location. There is the choice between a two and a four berth Accordo motorhome.

The Encore is the premium series from Elddis. It has a beautiful, sophisticated style (both inside and out), and the driving performance itself is unmatched by anything else on the market.

This is one of the highest-quality motorhomes money can buy and would be a wonderful place to call home away from home. It is available in a two or four berth.

Hobby Motorhomes

Hobby motorhomes originate from northern Germany, where they have been in production for over 40 years selling A-Class motorhomes. The Hobby Motorhomes UK base is in Ambergate, Derbyshire, and Hobby dealers can also be found across the country. Hobby motorhomes are best known for their characteristic design, for which they have received more than 20 “Motorhome of the Year” awards from the readers of Promobil magazine. A popular model by Hobby comes in three different layouts and most vehicles seat four people and have two bed spaces.

Hymer Motorhomes

Hymer is one of the most prolific motorhome manufacturers on the market and is located in Germany with a range of different models available to buy. Each has its own set of unique features and has been built using the best components to guarantee satisfaction.

The most popular type of Hymer motorhome that we insure is the B-Class series. This includes the Hymermobil B-Class DynamicLine which is an incredibly lightweight motorhome, but still packed with lots of features to enhance the whole experience. It’s also extremely cosy and includes up to five berths and boasts a sleek, sporty design.

The Hymermobil B-Class PremiumLine is a premium model which was first developed in 1981 and is still going strong today. It’s one of the most luxurious vehicles Hymer has to offer, which is reflected in the design and the on-board features and includes between four and five berths.

The Hymermobil B-Class SL is the elite of motorhome ownership. It is one of the most spacious and comfortable vehicles on the market and includes up to six berths and plenty of headroom.

Lunar Motorhomes

Lunar Motorhomes were originally a Dutch company bought by a UK firm and are more known for their lightweight caravans. After re-entering the motorhome market in 2013, they brought out a unique micro motorhome called the Camper Car. Lunar has now gone on to sell a range of luxury high-tops.

Within Lunar’s range, they sell vehicles with 2 berths and a spacious lounge, 4 berths with a rear island bed, and a 4-berth vehicle with a garage underneath.

Rapido Motorhomes

Rapido is a popular French manufacturer of luxury motorhomes. They have an extensive range of vehicles including van-conversion models, low-profile coach built and A-class models. Every single model is designed for living in total comfort regardless of the size and can berth 2-3 people and seat four. Each specification of Rapido motorhome can also be upholstered to the specific requirements of the owner on purchase, enabling personalisation.

Swift Motorhomes

Swift motorhomes were founded in 1964. They sell a range of coach built and A-Class motorhomes that are premium brand and are popular. These vehicles are designed to berth and seat from two to six people, providing ample space for small or big families. As of 2018, Swift’s van conversion range is known as Select.


Pilote is a French manufacturer founded in 1962 selling Low Profile and A-Class motorhomes. It’s range of vehicles include a Van Range and a Family Range, meaning there’s a vehicle that’s perfect for bigger groups. Pilote’s motorhomes are heavily sought after on the new and second-hand market. They offer several different motorhomes for two people, and most of those motorhomes can fit an additional two sleeping places in the lounge.

If your customers own or are intending to buy a motorhome, then give us a call on 020 8984 0333 to discuss their insurance requirements. Our friendly team of motorhome experts will be happy to help you.