Motorhome Manufacturers

Here at VM Insurance, we understand that every motorhome owner is different in what they want or require from their motorhome.

To help you gain an insight into the UK motorhome marketplace we have compiled a brief overview of the key manufacturers supplying motorhomes to motorhome owners in the UK.

We insure motorhomes made by all of the brands listed below and more. If your customers own or are looking to buy a motorhome made by any of these manufacturers, be sure to give VM Insurance a call on 0208 984 0333 so that we can provide specialist cover to meet your customer’s unique requirements.

Ace Motorhomes

Ace motorhomes were launched in 2001 and manufactured A-Class motorhomes. They were part of the Swift Group and production ceased 7 years after launch in 2009.

The Ace brand was originally introduced as an entry level range for Swift motorhomes and included a number of different models in their range. Ace motorhomes continue to remain a successful seller on the second-hand market and the Ace brand was and still is very popular with motorhome owners and enthusiasts.


Adria Motorhomes

Adria motorhomes are a company based in Slovenia that was launched in 1965 manufacturing caravans, with their first motorhome released in 1982. Since then, they have gone on to manufacture a range of durable and reliable A-Class and overcab motorhomes. Adria was bought by the French vehicle firm Trigano in 2017.

Adria motorhomes are integrated on the Fiat Ducato and feature 2, 4 and 6 berth layouts. Their models include 4, 5 or 6 seat layouts. As of 2020, their motorhome range consists of the Sonic, Matrix, Matrix Axess, Coral, Coral Axess and the Compact.

Adria pride themselves on the fact that their motorhomes are very well developed and are tested to high safety standards. Adria motorhomes are also known for their stylish interior for added comfort.

The body construction of Adria motorhomes are built for strength and durability, using composite materials including polyester which acts to prevent moisture. Adria also have a smart control application called Adria Mach which can be used to control heating, cooling and other vehicle utilities in the motorhome. This application is available on the new generation Matrix Supreme, Coral Supreme and the Sonic models.


Autocruise Motorhomes

Autocruise was a British motorhome manufacturer that sold luxury A-Class motorhomes. It was part of the Swift Group, based in Yorkshire and ceased production in 2018.

Autocruise is still a very popular brand of motorhome with many owners making use of their vehicles every year. There are plenty of Autocruise motorhomes available to buy on the second-hand market, allowing the opportunity to buy a premium vehicle for a more affordable price.

Within the Autocruise range, there are several different models available. Depending on the model, they are designed to berth two or three people.


Autosleeper Motorhomes

Auto-Sleeper is an award-winning British motorhome manufacturer based in Willersey in the Cotswolds and was established nearly 60 years ago. The company have been in partnership with Peugeot since the 1980’s when the Talbot Express chassis was used as the base of their motorhomes.

Auto-Sleeper pride themselves on their high-quality motorhome fittings and stylish and modern furniture. Auto-Sleeper motorhome designers use the Auto-Sleeper as part of the design process to test and identify what works well. This is one of the reasons why the company have so many loyal customers.

Auto-Sleeper produce a range of luxury Peugeot and Mercedes coachbuilt motorhomes with between 2-4 berths. Auto-Sleeper also produce a range of Peugeot based campervans and are popular on the new and second-hand market.


Autotrail Motorhomes

Autotrail is a British motorhome manufacturer, producing high-quality A-Class and coach-built vehicles from its factory in Grimsby. Autotrail motorhomes are built on the Fiat platform, which is designed with motorhomes in mind, offering one of the best chassis for the motorhome market.

Historically, Peugeot, Mercedes and Citroen platforms have also been used for Autotrail Motorhomes. Their popular series are the perfect adventure vehicles and boast sleek designs and comfortable interiors.

There is a wide selection of models for your customers to choose from – Tribute, V-Line, Adventure, Imala, Tracker, Apache and Frontier. Autotrail motorhomes come in a wide range of berth options and can comfortably accommodate between two to six people. Their range incorporates impressive high-performance engines.


Bailey Motorhomes

Bailey of Bristol is one of the oldest leisure vehicle manufacturers in the UK and produces award winning motorhomes. Bailey of Bristol’s origins can be traced back for over 70 years when they first started making caravans.

There are three models in the Bailey motorhome range - Autograph, Alliance and Adamo, which are all low profile coachbuilt motorhomes. Bailey use Peugeot and Ford engines in their line up and base their motorhomes on the AMC chassis.

The Autograph series is the flagship range. The Autograph features a high-performance engine and is incredibly luxurious. It has a beautiful design inside and out, and lots of space to create a comfortable living environment.

There are several different models within the Autograph series. Each is similar but provides slightly different configurations so the owner can tailor the design to meet their individual requirements.

The Bailey Alliance motorhome range provides performance and practicality. Again, there is a choice of configurations and the Alliance can be configured for between two – six berths.

The Bailey Adamo motorhome range boasts flexibility and practicality. It utilises a Ford chassis cab. This vehicle has a smart design and includes three different four berth layouts to choose from.


Benimar Motorhomes

Benimar was founded in 1974 and has been producing motorhomes for over 40 years. They are known as the leader of the Spanish motorhome market. The first Benimar motorhome was produced in 1979 and continued production began in 1986. Their first low-profile motorhome was produced in 1988. The company manufacture more than 4000 motorhomes a year.

Benimar attribute their success to the great quality of their motorhomes, customer satisfaction, motorhome innovation and competent after sales service. Their motorhomes are built on Ford and Fiat chassis. The furniture in Benimar motorhomes offers maximum storage space and the interior is made of matt polyester, which is designed to allow for long-lasting, easy maintenance.

The Benimar motorhome range includes Class A, Class C and low-profile vehicles with between 4-5 berths and seats Their motorhome models are popular on both the new and second-hand market.


Bessacarr Motorhomes

Bessacarr became part of the Swift Group in 1996 and their motorhomes were extremely popular in the UK. They were known for their luxury interiors and high driving performance and produced overcab and low-profile motorhomes.

Bessacarr motorhomes remain highly sought-after on the second-hand market. There are lots of different layouts and options available and their motorhome models range from two - six berths. Their spacious interior layouts have contributed to the popularity of this brand of motorhome.


Carado Motorhomes

Carado was founded in 2005 and manufacture motorhomes at their factory in Saxony, Germany where thousands of motorhomes have been produced since 2006. Carado is part of the Hymer Group.  Cardo’s manufacturing process focus on creating motorhomes which are both high quality and great value for money.

The Carado motorhome range consists of both integrated and semi integrated motorhome models, meaning that the driver’s cab is partially (semi integrated) or fully (integrated) into the living space. For fully integrated motorhomes, the driver’s seats rotate so that they co-function as a sitting area in the living space. This layout is popular with motorhome owners as it is very practical and saves space.

Carado motorhomes are Class A and Class C vehicles which are all built on the Fiat Ducato chassis, something Carado have been using for a number of years. Current models feature a Euro 6, 2.3 litre multijet engine. Typically, the Carado motorhomes have 4 seats and various berth options ranging between 2 – 5, depending upon configuration chosen. Carado have a large network of dealers, with 5 in the UK. Their motorhomes are sought after on the new and second-hand market due to their high-quality production processes.


Carthago Motorhomes

Carthago is a multi-award-winning motorhome manufacturer founded in 1979, producing tailor-made conversions for customers. In 1981, Carthago moved to a workshop in Ravensburg, Germany. The company now operate in four different plants, the additional factories located in Schmalegg, Germany and two in Slovenia. Carthago have a large dealer network both in the UK and across Europe.  They are one of the leading European motorhome manufacturers, employing roughly 1,400 staff.  In 2020, Carthago won a Promobil Readers’ Choice safety award for their unique full-LED headlights.

Carthago produce a range of integrated and semi-integrated Class A motorhomes based on the Fiat Ducato, Iveco Daily and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. The range typically seat 4/5 people and depending upon the configuration chosen have between 2 – 4 berths. Carthago produce high quality vehicles designed to provide comfort, elegance and practicality. Carthago are a popular choice for both new and second-hand buyers alike.


Chausson Motorhomes

Chausson is a French manufacturer of motorhomes, with all their vehicles being made at a plant in Tournon-sur-Rhône. Chausson’s production site is one of the largest in Europe and they manufacture over 13,000 motorhomes and caravans annually. Motorhome production began in 1980, although the company itself has been operating since 1903.

Chausson offer both A-Class and low-profile motorhomes. The low-profile ranges are called First Line, Titanium VIP and Titanium Premium. Chausson’s focus is to offer product innovation at exceptional value for money. Depending upon the choice of model, Chausson low-profile motorhomes have either Ford or Fiat engines. Within this range, there are 10 models in three different sizes, with various configurations to meet individual customer’s requirements.

Chausson’s A-Class range is called Premium Line and consists of two different models. Both A-Class models have four berths and four seats and are based on a Fiat chassis. The smaller of the two - the 6040, is claimed by Chausson to be unique on the market as it is an A-Class under 7 metres that still has a lot of space.

The bigger A-Class model - the 7068XLB, is best known for its trendy layout and has ample storage space. This model also has four berths and four seats.


Dethleffs Motorhomes

Dethleffs was established in 1832 producing ski sticks. They started manufacturing caravans in 1931 and had produced 4,700 caravans by 1976. In 1983, Dethleffs built its first motorhome using the Fiat Ducato chassis and was the first German manufacturer to do so. They went on to build a range of low-profile and coach-built motorhomes and completed their motorhome range in 1989 with a series of A Class vehicles.

By 2007, Dethleffs had produced 7,315 motorhomes and won four “Motorhome of the Year” awards in 2009. The company prides themselves on excellent customer relationships which continue after sale.

Dethleffs have a wide range of motorhomes with different models in each series. The majority of their motorhomes have between 4-6 berths and have the option of a semi-integrated or integrated layout. The company has an established network of dealers, with 10 in the UK alone, and their motorhomes are popular on the new and second-hand market.


Elddis Motorhomes

Elddis is a motorhome manufacturer based in the UK and is part of the European-wide Erwin Hymer Group which is owned by the American RV giant, Thor Industries. Elddis pride themselves on having over 50 years manufacturing experience and own additional brands – Compass, Xplore and Buccaneer at their UK manufacturing plant.

Elddis sells coachbuilt vehicles. There are lots of options to consider when making a purchase. The most popular choices of series are the Autoquest and the Accordo, but there are plenty who prefer the third option, the Encore.

Here, we’re going to tell you a little bit about each one to help inform your customers:


The Autoquest series is the most affordable Elddis motorhome. It has fantastic driving performance and is incredible value for money, which is why this series is one of the best-selling motorhomes of all time. Elddis state that this range is renowned for its value, quality and driving performance. There’s the choice between two, four and six berths to ensure there’s a vehicle for all needs.


The Accordo is Elddis’ medium-range series. It features everything the Autoquest does, but in a more compact form. The luxury design is pleasing to the eye, and the vehicle is incredibly well-built, guaranteeing an enjoyable journey wherever the location. There is the choice between a two and a three berth Accordo motorhome.


The Encore is the premium series from Elddis. It has a beautiful, sophisticated style both inside and out, and the driving performance itself is unmatched by anything else on the market.

This is one of the highest-quality motorhomes money can buy and would be a wonderful place to call home away from home. There are a variety of models in the range which are available in two or four berth options.


Frankia Motorhomes

Frankia was established in 1960 in Marktschorgast, Germany and their first motorhome was built in 1973 on a Mercedes-Benz chassis. They were one of the first manufacturers to offer a double floor construction. Frankia produce over 650 vehicles per year and employ over 200 people. Frankia offer 48 chassis and floor plan configurations. Frankia are part the Pilote group who first took a shareholding in 1990. In 2020, Frankia celebrated their 60th anniversary.

They offer a range of A-Class, low-profile overcab and coachbuilt motorhomes which come with numerous different floor plans and between 2-4 berths. Frankia vehicles are built on both the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and the Fiat Ducato chassis. Frankia have an extensive network of dealers across Europe, one being in the UK. These motorhomes are very popular on both the new and second-hand market.


Hobby Motorhomes

Hobby motorhomes originate from northern Germany, where they operate at their factory near Rendsburg in Schleswig-Holstein and have been in production for over 50 years.

The company sells a combination of low profile and overcab models known as the Optima range through approximately 350 authorised dealers. These motorhomes come in various configurations using Citroen and Fiat chassis which can berth between two - four people. The Hobby Motorhomes UK base is in Ambergate, Derbyshire, and Hobby dealers can also be found across the country.

Hobby’s range of Optima motorhome models are popular with motorhome owners. These models come in different layouts and all seat four people and berth between two – four.

Hymer Motorhomes

Hymer is one of the most prolific motorhome manufacturers on the market and is located in Germany. The company sell A-Class and low-profile motorhomes with a range of different models available to buy. Each has its own set of unique features and has been built using the best components to guarantee satisfaction.

The most popular type of Hymer motorhome that we insure is their range known as the B-Class series. This includes the Hymer B-Class MasterLine, built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. This motorhome is available as an A-Class or a low-profile and is described by Hymer as having “cutting-edge technology and iconic design” The A-Class MasterLine has four - five berths meaning there’s plenty of space for ideal family living. The low-profile vehicle has two - three berths and is semi-integrated.

The Hymer B-Class ModernComfort is built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis tractor head and the award-winning SLC chassis. It is popular for being lightweight and featuring stable bodywork, as well as being sporty and elegant – which gives owners the best of both worlds. This range is available as an A-Class and low-profile and each vehicle type comes in three different layouts. The A-Class has four – five berths and the low-profile has two – five berths.

The Hymer B-Class SupremeLine is the elite of motorhome ownership. It is one of the most spacious and comfortable vehicles on the market and includes between four and five berths and plenty of headroom. This motorhome is built on a Fiat chassis.

Hymer also have a range called Exsis which also consists of both A-Class and low-profile vehicles that are based on Fiat Ducato chassis. The Exsis-i is the A-Class range and has four berths along with the Exsis-i 580.

The Exsis-t is the low-profile range that includes the Exsis-t which has three layouts available. The Exsis-t 580 model comes in one layout and both have two – three berths.

The remaining Hymer motorhome models are the Hymer ML-T and the Hymer T-Class S which are both based on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. The ML-T has three different layouts to choose from and have two – three berths. The T-Class S model also has three different layouts and features two – five berths and four seats.


Knaus Motorhomes

Knaus are multi-award winning caravan, campervan and motorhome manufacturer which was established in 1960. They produced their first motorhome in 1988 which became the Promobil “motorhome of the year”. Knaus now produce a range of premium A-Class, low-profile and overcab motorhomes, with the choice of semi-integrated and fully integrated configurations.

The aim of Knaus is to combine function and design to make high-quality motorhomes which continue to be popular with motorhome owners and enthusiasts.

The Knaus motorhome range has between 2-6 berths and 4-6 seats. They predominately use a Fiat Ducato chassis and engine combination across the range other than the Van TI Plus which was launched in 2018 and utilises MAN. Knaus has a well establish and significant network of dealers across both the UK and Europe, with 19 in the UK. Their motorhomes are very popular on both the new and second-hand market.


Le Voyageur Motorhomes

Le Voyageur are a French motorhome manufacturer which is part of the Pilote group. Their first motorhome was built in 1981 and Le Voyageur have 20 years of experience in motorhome production. They have an extensive network of dealers across Europe with three in the UK.

Their luxurious motorhome range consists of three A-Class vehicles: The LV, the Signature and the Liner. The LV range comes in 15 different layouts with lengths ranging from 6.8m – 8.55m. The LV berths between 2-4 people and depending upon the model selected,  there are options to extend sleeping capacity to up to seven people.  There is seating for between 2-5 people. The LV range has a large lounge area with wide face-to-face bench seats that can accommodate up to six people. This vehicle is built on a Fiat AL-KO chassis.

The Signature range is a high-end vehicle based on an Iveco chassis and is available in four different layouts. This motorhome berths and seats 4 people and ranges from 8.05m – 8.59m in length. It comes with a spacious lounge that can easily accommodate up to six people and has a practical kitchen space.

The Liner is Le Voyageur’s largest motorhome model. This luxurious vehicle range offers a choice of lengths from 8.3m – 10.86m and comes with 15 different layouts. The Liner can comfortably berth between 2-4 people and seat 4. It features a sleek lounge with a HD TV and a spacious kitchen with optimal storage space. The Liner offers a choice of either Iveco or Mercedes Atego chassis options.


Pilote Motorhomes

Pilote was established in 1962 making caravans. Their first motorhome was built in 1978 using a Bedford chassis, followed by their first low-profile motorhome in 1981. Pilote made their first A-Class motorhome in 1985 and partnered with Frankia motorhomes in 1990. Pilote employ 300 people and produce their motorhomes from Membrolle-sur-Longuenee in France.

Pilote offers a range of A-Class, overcab and low-profile motorhomes, with different models in each range to choose from to cater to customer’s individual requirements. These vehicles have between 2-4 berths and 5-6 seats. Pilote motorhomes come in different lengths, with some being 7 metres and over, as well as compact motorhomes which are sub 7 meters. Their motorhomes are based on the Fiat Ducato or an AL-KO chassis. There are 4 models in the Pilote range – Pacific, Galaxy, Family and Vans. Each of the models has numerous configuration options designed to meet the unique requirements of customers.

Pilote has an extensive European dealer network, 11 of which are in the UK. Pilote motorhomes are very comfortable and desirable vehicles which are highly sought after.


Rapido Motorhomes

Rapido was founded in 1948 in Chatillon-sur-Colmont, France and started making caravans in 1958. In the 80’s the motorhome market was showing strong growth, and Rapido’s first motorhome was released in 1983. The company started making A-Class motorhomes in the 90’s.

Rapido is a popular French manufacturer of luxury motorhomes. They have an extensive range of vehicles including van-conversion models, low-profile coach built and A-class models. Every single model is designed for living in total comfort regardless of the size and most vehicles can berth two to three people and seat four. Each specification of Rapido motorhome can also be upholstered to the specific requirements of the owner on purchase, enabling personalisation.


Swift Motorhomes

Swift was founded in 1964 selling caravans. They launched their first motorhome, the coachbuilt Kon-Tiki in 1985 which became extremely popular in the UK.  Their heritage goes back over 55 years and they currently specialise in the manufacture of caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes using their leisure sector expertise to produce the highest quality products.

Swift offer a range of coachbuilt and A-Class motorhomes that span the price range, providing both affordability and luxury. Swift are an extremely popular motorhome brand in the UK. Their motorhomes come in numerous berth and seating options and can be used by couples and families alike.

Swift’s motorhome range extends from affordability to premium luxurious models, so there’s a vehicle in the range to suit everyone. The current line-up of Swift models include the Escape, Escape Compact, Kon-Tiki, and two new 2020 additions: The Swift Edge and the Kon-Tiki Sport.


Overview of Swift motorhomes

The Swift Edge is an affordable range that includes both high and low-line variants. With stylish interiors, there are five different models, ranging from 2-6 berths. These vehicles feature an overcab bed and a fully equipped kitchen with lots of space for preparing meals. All Swift Edge models have Euro 6 2.3l engines and are based on a Fiat chassis.

The Swift Escape Compact is a low-profile coachbuilt motorhome that is narrower than the standard Escape model to make driving on narrow roads easier. There are four models offering 2-4 berths. All have four seats. The Escape Compact is powered by a Fiat Euro 6 2.3l engine and is based on a Fiat chassis.

The Swift Escape has nine models in the range with 2-4 berths and is a low-profile coachbuilt motorhome. This vehicle is powered by a Fiat Euro 6 engine and is based on a Fiat Ducato chassis.

The Swift Kon-Tiki Sport is a low-profile coachbuilt motorhome which comes in 13 different variants. The Kon-Tiki Sport boasts a premium living space and sleeping accommodation for between 2-6 berths. It is powered by a Euro 6 2.3 litre engine and based on a Fiat Ducato chassis.

The Swift Kon-Tiki has an integrated overcab, is powered by a Euro 6D, 2.3 litre engine and is based on a Fiat Ducato chassis. It is a spacious motorhome with a stylish interior. There are nine models in the range with 4-6 berths.

And finally, the Kon-Tiki Dynamic which is Swift’s premium range. There are 3 models to choose from with 6 berths and 4-6 seats. This is the most expensive Swift motorhome. It is powered by a Euro VI D 180bhp engine and based on an IVECO Daily chassis cab, offering optimum performance and drawing on Swift’s racing heritage.