Self-Build Campervan Insurance

What is a self-build campervan?

A self-build campervan is simply a van that has been converted into a campervan. These vehicles are particularly popular among mechanically minded individuals who enjoy having the freedom to come up with their own designs and layouts for their vehicles, as well as motorists who simply have a keen interest in campervans.

Self-build campervans usually come with a fixed roof, as opposed to a pop-top or raising canopy. Self-build campervans are specialised vehicles, and there is a set criteria that needs to be met before they can be registered by the DVLA. Regulations are constantly changing and details can be found on the GOV.UK website. In summary, a conversion needs to include:

  • A bed or beds (the fixtures of the bed need to be securely fixed to the vehicle floor and/or vehicle walls).
  • A separate door that provides access to the living area not being a driver or passenger door. 
  • At least two or more side window on the vehicle (excluding driver or passenger windows).
  • An awning bar attached to the vehicle.
  • A seating area for diners to sit around, such as a detachable or fixed table which has permanently secured seating which needs to be available for use at a table. The table must be mounted directly to the vehicle floor or the side walls of the vehicle and be secured as a permanent fixture, such as with bolts, rivets, screws or welding.
  • Cupboard(s) or locker(s).
  • A minimum of a single ring cooking facility or microwave. 
  • A sink with tap.

If there are onboard gas cooking facilities, rules apply as to how the fuel supply can be stored and/or secured to the vehicle.

These specialist vehicles require specialist insurance. We would except the vehicle to be registered as either a panel van, an MPV or a van with side windows and are able to consider offering insurance for it provided that it meets the acceptance criteria above.

Do my customers need self-build campervan insurance?

If your customers have converted a van into a campervan or built a vehicle from scratch, they’ll need to get the appropriate and specialist insurance.

We understand the complexities of vehicle conversions and the insurance requirements. Please give us a call on 020 8984 0333 and we will try to find the right solution for your customers.